Feeling good today !!

Have not been good about writing lately but wanted to get over here tonight and write something. I have been working hard on my diet and trying to heal my gallbladder thorugh eating right.  The great part is the side effect of that diet is a lot of unexpected energy and I love it.

I got more done today than I have in done in a week lately. It is a great feeling, I wish I could bottle it and sell it, I would make a fortune. Things have been a bit disorganized around here, it is sure nice to walk around and see a pretty clean house. Well, excect fro the living room, it is a storage room for everyone else. My daughter has clothes for my friend Laurie’s neice and the same neice has baby clothes for the same daughters brother in law and wife who are expecting and then there are toys to be swapped too and a play pen and a high chair seat , and then I do not even want to get into all the books in the room. I was at a yard sale and just wanted to know the price of the books, so when I found a few I would know what they cost. I had two in my hand at the time and the lady said, every book I have for 2 bucks. 2 bucks. No way I am leaving those. I brought home two boxes of books for two bucks and found a good amount I wanted and then some for friends and family, most which have to be mailed. I have yarn to also mail to a cousin and the list goes on and on. So the living room is the stuff depo right now. I only use it for my computer really, but I would like it to be a pretty room to sit in and look out the window or read, but for now, storage.  I would like to work on it this week and get all that stuff packed up to mail. Then it is just a matter of getting it to the post office sometime this week and getting it out of the house and then I need to deliever the clothes to each party for the swap. This is the week, I will get it all done and get my living room back !!

So, anyway. Just some ramblings and nonsense but I just try to get in here and write to get in the habit. No one is reading it at this point anyway, so I do not have to worry about boring anyone !!
I am  looking forward to another productive day tomorrow, it sure feels good, to feel good !!

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