Day one of a better life !!

I have decided that enough is enough and I have to make some changes. My body is letting me know in no uncertain terms that it has had it with me making such bad choices in what I eat and how I live in my body.

My gall bladder is starting to make itself know, I have arthritis that kicks up in my fingers at times and nueropethy in my hands, I know I spelled that one wrong !! I have a family history of diabetes and my path is clear ahead of me.

Either I chose to eat healthy and make good food choices or I will be on meds for diabetes and cholesterol and I will most likely be in the hospital for gall bladder surgery which will be devesting not only to my poor body but our finances as our insurance charges us a 20 percent deductable for surgery, so I do not want to put either my body or our bank account through that mess.

My cholesterol was high at my last check up three years ago, and that is shameful too, three years is way too long.  I was on and off low carb during that time for over four years but have been off for over one. I do not know why I spent so many years trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. It messed up my body and my teeth too as I have never had so much plaque on my teeth as during low carb. I just had them deep cleaned and watch like a hawk and every night when I floss and brush, there is hardly any to clean off, so that low carb was throwing plaque both in my arteries and at my teeth, geez.

So, I finally woke up this week after      spending several days in pain with the gall bladder and decided it was time I make a decision. Do I go down the road of good health and longevity and feeling great and being production and happy or do I go down the road of ill health, shortened life and unhappiness and uselessness, because that is how major a decision it is that I am making today.

I have to give up caffiene, sugar, artifical sweetners, white refined flour and rice, and fatty meats and fried foods and start eating low fat lean meats , fish , and poultry and eat lots of fruits and veggies and healthy whole grain breads and cereals , legumes and brown rice ,  and nuts and seeds and flax meal and lots of water and decaff green tea. It is not all bad.

I love a lot of these foods and I just have to tweak some stuff I love to make it acceptable. I do  have to say good bye to hamburgers and grilled cheese and most Mexican food and any fried food, so good bye favorate Chinese buffet, but it will be worth it to feel good again, to get this weight off finally and to be on the right path to health.

Now, I have said all these things before and then do good for a minute and then go back to my old ways. I am confident that I get it this time and realize exactly how dire things can get if I do not change my ways.

That is why I started this blog, to give myself a place to come everyday and be accountable. I want to keep track of my food choices and my feelings about these changes along with our progress financially.

So, today is day one of changing my life, changing my health and I look forward to a life time of good health ahead of me now. Only I can make it happen.

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