A fun busy day

Today was a busy day.  Spring has seemed to come to our area but I know that it is fleeting as we are getting cold again in a couple of days, but today, I got a sun burn from working in the yards. It was in the eighties, so weird !!

We planted trees, I say we very loosely, as it is my hubby that digs the hole and puts the tree in and fills it back up with soil and tamps it down, I add the water, and that is about it, but I still tend to say we when I talk about the yard work WE do.

He dug so many holes today, digging up trees that grew where they should not have and then planting two new trees we actually bought instead of moving one of the wild trees to a new place. We are sick of oaks and pecans and hackberry trees. We wanted something fun and differant !!

We bought a flowering, non fruiting pear tree and an Oklahoma Red Bud that has the most beautiful color of pink flower ever.  They make nice additions to our property. We bought the fencing for our veggie  garden that WE are going to put in, and by WE I mean my husband is going to rotto till the ground and then we , mostly he, will rake out the chunks of grass and weeds and put them in our compost and then WE will pick up sand and compost at the nursery and shovel it over the tilled area and retill it. I will sit in the general location and bring him cold drinks and pick up the odd piece of grass or twig , so I will contribute some help, but mostly I will plant the entire garden myself, and that is true. I will lay out the garden once it is in and then we will put down mulch paths, and then I will plant the plants and we will mulch around the plants thickly too. WE are putting in a 20 by 30 foot veggie garden with a beautuil arbor seat my hubby built from scratch with no pattern  at the back of it , he is so amazing , if I dream it, he can build it, no problem. He hates coming up with the ideas, so that is my job and then he helps me fine tune them and then he executes the project from design to build. Pretty amazing and I am very grateful for all he does.

So, we got a lot done today encluding playing with some spray paint to make some cute stuff to set around the garden. We love to pick up cute or  unusual items, like a wooden bird house some one had painted solid yellow and we put pink on the roof and now it is really cute and a strange wire turtle a student made and I bought from the teacher and since it was rusty wire you could not see it in the garden so we painted it a very old fashioned mint kind of green, and a little mesh tea pot candle holder  that we took the candle out of the bottom and spray painted it pink to tuck among the plants, so just fun stuff like that.

Tomorrow I have to paint that arbor and a shed he redid and then what ever else in the yard needs work while he puts up a rain gutter. We are thrilled his two days off are warm and then he goes back to work Wed and it will be fifty and rainy, so great timing !!

It was a nice and productive day !!

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