Gotta get moving soon !!

I am still feeling under the weather, whatever that means, lol. I just do not feel good.
It does not help that I am breathing fumes in from a new loveseat we bought and washed without reading the instructions for the steam cleaner, that we had to print out off the site, and then found out too late that we had used pure soap instead of just a few capfuls in water. The fumes are enough to choke you and I cannot even be in the room with the offensive thing. I suppose we will have to rinse it a few times before we can get all that soap out of it. Very disapointing.
I have so much I need to get done and being sick is just not helping matters much. I have to get my laundry finished up and I need to plan a menu for next week and make a grocery list  from that menu and then go and buy the food on that list . I need to plan my veggie garden and go through my new book on local gardening as I am used to gardening in a differant type of climate and now have to relearn it all. It is going to be below freezing all of a sudden after a few weeks of nice and warm, so for one night, I have to drag all my creeping charlie and wandering jew plants in so they do not die from the freeze and then put them back out tomorrow.
I have to do all this and I have not done really anything. I am just plain tired and have I mentioned, I do not feel very good ??
well, I will just do the best I can and I know I will be feeling better soon. It will not be soon enough for me. I am really sick of being sick this week. It really messes up my schedule !!

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