Why Do Hallmark Movies make us feel so Good ?

My husband and I absolutely love to watch Hallmark movies, the romance ones, not the drama or crime ones. We especially love the Christmas ones and watch dozens over the holiday season. I am so happy that we can share these movies, I know a lot of men do not find them at all interesting. And, to be honest, many women do not either !!!

So, I started thinking about it. What makes Hallmark movies so appealing to viewers. What is it about these rather cheesy stories that make people so happy ?

If you have watched a single Hallmark movie, or read even one romance novel, then you understand how these stories go. They are a pretty basic story line with only minor changes here and there. Some version of two people who fall in love, at the height of their romance, one of theme either hears something the other person says, but does not stick around to hear the entire thing, or they hear someone else say something and they either take off, go back to their home if they are visiting a new location or they take off for parts unknown because their hearts are broken. Some versions of this are , one figures out they love the other, but thinks the other person loves another person and sees they propose or being proposed to, not seeing at the end when it does not happen because they too realize the love the person who loves them . Or they think the person decides to take a promotion for the job that brought them to that area and they they quit their job, or sell their business in the wonderful and dreamy town they live in, because they believe the other person is leaving.

We have the fantasy ones where one is a prince or princess, those are always pretty predictable because most of the time the queen cannot stand her son being with this commoner and wants him to marry her choice. She does her best to break them up and make her feel unwelcome. Most of them are about a prince and a commoner, more than a princess and commoner. At the end however, everyone comes around, usually after she leaves his never heard of country, where they all have English accents , and he follows her and she gets her prince. Some are a daughter or son coming home from another place to take over the family business due to the death , illness, or retirement of one or both parents. Often someone is coming to a small town to buy a business or some land to develop a big resort or hotel what will ruin the area .After falling in love with the person who owns the shop or is most involved in the situation they always find a new solution that makes everyone happy at the end , and never leave.

So, however the story goes, at some point we are left with the person who broke their heart without knowing it being left completely confused and also broken hearted because they do not understand why the person they love left. They have no idea they were overheard, or watched or talked about, it is a complete mystery to them.

Sometimes the twist is a third person purposely sabotaging the relationship to get the man or woman they want.

However it goes, at last minute the issue is resolved, true love is declared by both and the movie usually ends with a kiss.

So, predictable, we know they will end up together, follows a proven story line, so why do many of us love these movies ?

I think it is a few things. Many of us are in our daily rut. We have a job maybe we do not love, and even if we are very happy in our lives, it all looks so predictable , ordinary and boring and the characters in these movies are usually self employed , owning a shop, or business of some kind. Or even better are an author, artist, or some kind of creative person. Seeing two people fall in love makes people happy, and hopeful for love to come into their lives ? Funny thing is, life is very predictable and boring for many people that have those businesses which are a lot of work, but look romantic to those working a nine to five. But a business and a romance together, that is beyond boring and predicable , or at least that is the way they make it seem.

But what about people like my husband and I ? We are happily married, not looking for a new romance, what is the allure of these movies.

I think it is just the feel good aspect of the movies. Most of the time all the characters in the movies are likeable. The towns are dreamy with cute bakeries and diners that we never see in real life. You will notice , no matter if they are a teacher, own a business, or have a regular job, everyone has a really nice home, well decorated and again, in cute, quaint, perfect little towns. They either have a town square, or are on a cove or beach, or in the mountains and involve a ski resort. There are no towns like that, at least not many. Towns where everyone is connected and knows each other and cares about each other and all the towns people eat at their diner or buy from their bakery .Add to that the fun romance, it just makes you happy. If you , like us, are happily married, it makes you remember your own romance. How you fell in love and makes you reflect on what you have built in those years together.

For many of the viewers it is the hope of new love, or just the adventure of being in a new town, or even a romantic new country and starting over. Something most of us will never do. If you can get past the cheesy predictability of the stories, and the fact that the same actors play different characters each movie, some are the leads , always the leads, and some are supporting and seem to always be supporting actors. But it is that nice familiarity that makes you say, oh, I like him, or her, and you smile when you see each person you recognize in the movie. If you watch enough Hallmark movies you have your favorites. You might not even know their real names, but you are so happy they are the ones in this weeks movie.

Most of all I think it is the thought of starting over, starting a new dream. Seeing something new in their lives and watching the hero and heroine make their dreams come true. This is something available to all of us. But something we seem to think is special and different and unattainable.

All I know is those movies make us feel closer to each other as a couple . Maybe that feeling that we already have what they are trying to find, so it makes you feel like you have something great , which if you have a wonderful relationship, you do. I think these movies make you feel like you know the secret, and look, you did not have to go through all the stuff they did, as most of us did not have that plot twist in the middle of our romance !!!

All I know, is they make us happy. They make us smile and just feel good. It really does not matter why I suppose, but watching the one we watched tonight, it just got me thinking about it all and I thought I would share my thoughts !!!

What do you think ? Do you like cheesey Hallmark romance movies ? If not why, and if so why ?

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