A nice healthy eating day

I had a great first day back on track and today is my second day !! I forgot to get on the scale but that is fine !!

I had a great day of eating healthy and found a great site called Spark People where they have so many wonderful tools !! You can track your excercise and eating and there is a great communtiy there and I am very excited and looking forward to having fun while I lose weight.

I have committed to a minimum of 15 minutes of walking a day. I am going to shoot for more, but no less than 15 minutes a day. I have enough time in my day to walk for two hours, so there is absolutely no excuse I can honestly come up with to not walk my minimum 15 minutes.

I made up some turkey patties last night and are they good!!!  I mixed t hree pounds of ground turkey with four egglands best eggs for the omegas and some Mrs Dash and a bit of organic sea salt and some garlic salt and cooked them in my cast iron pan. I think they are my new favorate food !! The egg gives them a light texture and the flavor is so wonderful !! Love them !!

I started my husband on a good eating plan today as well.  A friend and I were talking about diet and nutrition and when we started talking about what he takes to work a day, we realized that he was eating way less food than he should. It was his choice to take the healthy but  meager lunches he was taking and his work day was such he was eating his breakfast and lunch five to si x hours apart. Breakfast at between four thirty and five am and his lunch at 11. That is set by the company.  I added in a healthy snack for him to eat just before work at six forty five to seven ,  and then added to his lunch and dinner, he works a 12 hour shift so eats twice at work and then added a good   healthy snack for his hour long drive home so he is not starving when he gets home. He eats his last meal at 3 and by the time he got home at 8 and took his shower it was eight thirty pm and and  he was starving and wanting to eat whatever he c ould find. Now we know why. A combination of not enough calories all day and then his last meal at 3, so I think I have his calories up today, but probably still not enough for him as he works a very physcial job. I told him it will take us time to get to the right amount but hopefully he will not be as t ired as he has gotten lately and will not be starving when he gets home, poor guy, I feel so b ad for him. He was eating what a average woman should eat on a reducing diet and he is a 260 pound man with a physcial job. So, that was a lesson to me on how you can not lose and gain on too little food for your body. He was eating very healthy, but way too little food.

So, now we are both on board with healthy plans and I am excited to see how we both feel as time goes on .

3 responses to “A nice healthy eating day”

  1. Good to see you back online!!! You are a great writer! I hope I can take your advice and make some progress this year too! Keep on track so I can be right behind you!!!

  2. Thanks so much Bonnie, coming from you that is a huge compliment, I think you are an amazing writter !!
    I will do my best to keep on track, it is hard sometimes, I get distracted by the sparkly beads and sequins, lol !!!

  3. oh my gosh , writer, lol !! I cannot believe I missed that mistake !!

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