A new start yet again

I have been really struggling lately to come up with an eating plan that will work. Something I can be happy on long term and really reach my long term goals. I have looked at Atkins, weight watchers, and anything else I can think of, and finally I found something I think might just be the ticket.

I love to eat healthy but have issues with limits, like carb cutting or points, l ike ATkins and Weight watchers use. This plan I found online , a site my husband heard about on the radio and wrote down for me to check out. 

100 days of real food

I was intriqued and checked it out and spent hours on that web site reading thier story.

A diet or real food, cutting out the refined or processed food only. I can eat whatever I want as long as I make a healthy version of it.

I am still in the planning stage. I had hoped to start this week, 100 percent, but it m ight have to wait until next week and I can do pretty good this week, probably about 80 to 90 percent, and maybe even closer to that hundred percent. 

I am very excited and getting recipes together and f iguring out what I will need to get started.

I urge everyone to check out the website, even if you jsut start somewhere, it is a great goal to aim for, cutting out all or most of the processed and refined food in your diet.

So, I am excited and will share my progress as I go !!


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