42 Days

I am thrilled with how I am doing so far and how long I have gone caffeine free. I have had an occasional diet caff free di et coke out, but none with caffiene and it feels great !!

I started my excercise two days ago and I am shooting for 30 minutes a day, no less. I used my plastic step thing and walked in the house and feel it in my legs today !!

Weight is up, not happy about that. I have to get about ten pounds off to be where I was two months ago. The extra ten really causes me trouble with my carpel tunnel in my hands and sciatica in my back. I am determined to get that ten pounds back off asap.

So, just plugging along. Also happy to be at 112 days since my  last period, so maybe, just maybe, I could be done with that in the near future. They say a full year and you are done, so I am keeping my fingers crossed, that would be awesome !!

I can’t wait to get to the six month mark on the caffeine too, that is when they say it is completely out of your system. I am well on my way !!  I have  140 days left, lol, but that is fine, better than 182 !!!

So, onward I go, and looking forward to making even more good changes to get to the goals I want to reach !!

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