working hard

I have been working hard this past few weeks to start my jewelry business back up. It has been up technically but I have not been actively working at it.

I have been having fun creating. I had forgotten how much fun it is to take a tray of beads and make beautiful pieces of jewelry out of them.

It may look like a mess to some, but to me, it is creating at its basic core, and I love the messiness of it all.  I keep my beads and findings organized but this tray, it is my one place where I can let it all mix together and be what it can be. I  like digging through all the differant beads and trying differant combinations and some work, and some do not work at all, but it is still fun playing and creating unique pieces that are mine.

You might think, what is so special, beads are beads and any earring I can make, there is one either like it oir similiar to it somewhere in the world, and that may be true, but it is satisfying just the same, and some pieces I make are completely unique and none like them do excist because I have used old pieces of jewelry I took apart , and that is what I love the most !!

creating the more unique pieces are my favorate thing and I hope to do more of those as I find wonderful old pieces to take apart and reuse. Problem being there are a lot of people doing what I do, so it is getting harder to find the old pieces that I used to find all the time.

So I do more of this type of jewelry which is still fun ,but a bit more challenging to make unique pieces.

I am having a lot of fun and still working on finding me, a journey that will take a while, so much of what defines me has changed over the decades and finding who I am is not the easy task I assumed it would be. For now I will create, and write and have fun figuring out who I am now and what I want to do.  I have a feeling the answer to whom I am will be constantly changing and evolving and I hope so. I want to grow and change,  to me that is so important and inspiring to know that I can be what ever I want to be. Now,   I just have to figure out what that is !! I have to make sure to figure out what is meaningful to my l ife and what is a distraction, that is harder than it sounds !! So, the journey continues !!!

2 responses to “working hard”

  1. It’s just my opinion but you are the person you are and it seems to me that is a generous, talented, loving person. I think searching is good but be happy that to others you are a great person and celebrate you!

    Love the messy tray of wonderful beads…that’s a great way to see what you have! My whole house is my messy tray!!!

  2. Thanks Bonnie, it is nice to hear that !! I try hard to be just who I am but I have to admit I do try too hard to please others and to do what I think I should do, so I will work harder at just being who I am and not worrying so much about what I should be doing !!
    The tray can become my eintire work area very quickly and when our kids were not living here, the house was a bit more ” creative ” too !!! I have to keep it picked up with them all living here, lol !!

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