Three weeks in now

We are just over three weeks into the new year and doing pretty good. We are still spending too much on groceries, but have not spent a single penny on eating out. I am proud of that.

I may have to adjust our allowed grocery money as I think food has gone up more than I realized. When you are spending without thinking like we were,  no real budget, just buying food each month, you do not pay attention to what things cost. Trying to keep our  groceries at and non food groceries together at 300 is a real challenge. I will still try to keep it close to that, but I know I am at around four hundred this month with a week to go.

The eating out habit is broken, we do not even mention it as an option , and haven’t since we started Jan 1. Neither one of us has  suggested it at all but we have pointed out on the days that were crazy, oh, this is the kind of day we would have grabbed some dollar burritos. We do not grab the dollar burritos, we find something to make in our own house. I can not even explain what a significant change that is. I am very proud of us. We still do a bit too much impulsive buying in the store though, and that can add up to a hundred or more a month, so more care will be taken to avoid unnecessary purchases and keep the impulse items down to very few.

We are going to try making a menu up that we repeat for a month at a time. We will see, I hate that idea but I am willing to give it a try !!!  It will help to keep the grocery money down, but  am afraid it will be boring.

So, in a week or so I will be posting what we s pent on groceries this month and how we did over all.

I am pretty happy with this  month and the start of our new year !!!

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