Finding the key

Got to start working on what I want to do. I stared this blog to figure “me” out and so far, I am no closer to knowing what I want to do !!

It is funny how as little kids, we never have a dull moment. We jump out of bed excited about the day and do not need to think about what we want to do, but just do it. We play, we draw, we eat, we drink, we burp , what ever we feel, we do it  naturally with no censure and no debate, we just do the things that come to us that sound like fun.

Then we grow up and become responsible and that child part of us disapears. I think it is still in us, deep inside and some people can access it even as adults, but for most of us, the grown up closes the door on the child part of ourselves , locks it and puts away the key.

I want to unlock that door and find that part of me again. I want to  jump out of bed each morning excited about the new day and all its possibilites, what a wonderful way to live !! I know there will always be responsibities, things we did not have to do when we were kids, but why can’t we make time for that child inside of us all that wants to play and enjoy life ?

So, that is my goal, to unlock that little girl and let her out and let her lead me to a more fun life, a life where I can be excited every day to find out what exciting things are in store for me.

Imagination is the key. I want to re enter the world of imagination and have fun like I used to every day. I know I can find that part of me and find a way to balance what I have to do, with what I want to do.
Now, where is that darn key ??

2 responses to “Finding the key”

  1. Steph-

    Let me take a guess about your little girl…the fun one…the creative one. My uneducated guess would be at least right now that you are once again or still the Mom. You were so close to being on most days, an individual or at least 1/2 of a couple. What do you think? Your role – being that your daughter and grandkids are so close – is Mom and Gram. Not that you would be running thru the house naked if they weren’t there but there are restraints so you can’t read where you are comfortable or do your creative stuff because you are trying to make do. You are an angel for helping so I’m glad today you are enjoying your day. Take out a few craft things and just make something. Sometimes just diving in is the answer…get a few beads out and decorate a lampshade that needs updating or hey! grab that crocheting…poor kid still doesn’t have her blankie!!!

  2. I think you could be right !!! Even though they are not my responsiblity I do have to consider them before I do anything, especially the three year old Ayden. Even the crocheting is affected. I had the basket in my family room and would pick it up from time to time, but had to put it in our closet to keep it safe !!! Out of sight, out of mind.
    Now I currently have three small kids on my bed watching cartoons so our daughter could run an errand with the baby and if the girls are in here, of course Ayden wants to be in here too !! My bed is where I have to lay out stuff to go through it , so no jewelry today. I think I will get out the blanket and do a row or so tonight, depending on my hands.
    I was thinking that earlier today, try to do one creative thing a day. Make a pair of earrings, paint, or take some pictures or work on one of my writing projects.
    I did take some pictures of the squirrels today, something I have been doing a lot lately. They are so funny. I love to take pictures through the window but need to get outside with the camera and find interesitng things to take pictures of up close. As spring gets here I will have a lot to take pictures off, last spring I had a blast outside with the camera.
    I think you are right, they say fake it till you make it, and I think that there is a lot of truth in that. I do know the more I create, the more creative I get !!!
    So, I will take your advice and dive in and do somethign every day !!!

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