Eleven days in

Well, we are eleven days into our challenge year. I am still very excited and motivated about what we can accomplish this year by making our money go where it needs to, versus where we thoughtlessly spent it.

I cannot say we have made much progress yet, two paychecks in, but it is in the budget and by the end of the month I will have my progress for the month to share. I will compare our spending on everything this month, to last Jan last year. I have all my reciepts from every month last year and plan to compare monthly. It ought to be very interesting and not something I look forward to seeing, all the money that could have been channeled so much more wisely. It is however, something I need to see so we never repeat it again.

We are eating healthier, and that makes me happy. Hopefully I can post some weight loss achievements end of the month too.

Anyway, not much to update yet, but we are off to a good start and plan to have a lot to show for our hard work and tough decisions.

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