Moving along in our challenge

Mindset will be everything this year and I firmly believe it. Once you remove all thoughts about the behavior you want to change, for us, eating out much too often, it is much easier.

I know David wanted to eat out yesterday but we went and bought eggs and sour cream and made breakfast at home. Breakfast burritos. We had the other ingrediants already. Now, normally we would not go and buy groceries to make something last minute like that, but we had to finish up our shopping for the week and so I had to pick up eggs and s our cream anyway. We will only buy what is on our lists from now on and eat what we have at the house.      If we make a  habit of going out and buying groceries, that is not any better than just going out  to eat whenever we want.

I am  very excited about this year and looking forward to changing our bad habits. I know we can since we have set our minds to that goal !!!

So, on to the next day and another day of eating at home.

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