Back to basics

for the last two months all my concentration has been on eating right and losing weight and I let my money goals go by the way side. We spent way too much money eating out the last two months and the time has come to acknowledge how stupid that was and commit to not doing that anymore.

We want to be debt free and work our way to a very secure place. That will not happen if we are spending every extra penny.

So, I am getting back to those goals as well, which will be tough, but I can do it !!

3 responses to “Back to basics”

  1. It happens to all of us… I am proud of you guys for how hard you are both working toward everything! I can’t wait to see how your life has transformed.

  2. Thanks so much, I am proud of us too. We are working hard and just changing our lives a bit at a time. Like everything there are steps forward and a bit of sliding backwards, but for the most part, it is going forward. The back wards are differant than before too. We may occasionally eat a bit too much, but it is the foods we are allowed and even snacks are whole grain, low fat, and healthier choices. We are doing this for ourselves and so that none of you kids never have to see us in a nursing home and have to worry about us, we want to be a blessing in our old age , not a burden !!! We want to be there for the great great grandkids, lol !!! So, we are very motivated to keep on keeping on with the diet and all. The excercise we are going to hit very hard in June, we have been so so the last two months so that is a big priority to us for June and onward.
    I am so very proud of Laurie too, she is working so hard to get herself to where she wants to be and we are sharing this journey of a better life. She is kicking our back side with the excercise though, I am so proud of her !!! She is doing so good !!!

  3. Awe shucks you made me blush.

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