Trying new things

Finally back after a couple of weeks of dealing with a cold.

After my husband and I talked it over, and me suggesting it, we have decided to challenge ourselves to a month of no eating out. I added up  how much we spent eating out from the start of the year through this past Sunday and it was not  something I enjoyed tallying up. It really freaked me out how much we waste eating out. That is money that could go toward any one of our goals, fixing up the house, a new rotto tiller, the work on my teeth which alone will be pricey for two crowns, and just savings.

Today would have been an eating out day normally as it is my husbands day off. But we ate at home and intend to do that through April 2 and then I hope we can challenge ourselves to another month. If we do decide on one treat at the end of  the month, that is fine but then we will challenge ourselves another month at that point. I have no problem with once a month IF we really want it, we may, or may not, I can’t wait to see how we feel at the end of the month and if it makes us want to eat out again, or eat at home .

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