Back on my keto plan

Well, after much trial and much error, my husband and I are back on keto. We have honestly been trying to do keto for about 25 years. We get on and off, sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks, and a few times for months. I could not even guess how many times, but at least 40 times total, but all the diets we have done , I have no idea, at least as many more times in the last 30 years. I do not think we are alone in that. Giving up favorite foods is tough .

We have alternated with a plant based diet as well, as far apart as eating plans can go.

When it comes down to it a few things have gotten in the way. Our food addictions to sugar and carbs, bread, and so on. The things I have had to overcome in my thinking to realize keto is a very safe and natural way to eat. Three years on vegan really did a number on that. However, all those years on and off vegan/ plant based , I never felt good on or off, just hated the restrictions because I truly love animal products. After this last time around, and using the coming possible food shortages as an excuse, it is a cheaper way to eat, we tried mostly plant based low fat again. I have never felt worse in my life, and my husband felt the same way.

We felt so tired, completely exhausted all the time, achy all over, and joints just hurting and my husband had a lot of digestive issues as well.

So, when I finally saw my blood sugar getting higher and higher on a plant based , low fat diet I knew it was just not working for me, and not healthy for me.

I told my husband that I had woken up to a fasting blood sugar of 135, which is obscenely high for me, I have only seen a number that high a few times, and that I needed to get back on a low carb diet. My pain in my joints was also at an all time high. He said to me, I need to as well, I am just hurting all the time. I was to the point that sleeping was getting hard. I could not lie on either side as pain in my hip on one side, I roll over and it is the bursitis in my shoulder on the other. In just this short time I can lie on either side although the hip still hurts a bit, but from past experience I know in time it will be completely better .

I know many people thrive on a plant based, oil free diet and I wanted it to work for me, but between the fatique and body aches from the grain, and my blood sugar rising from all the carbs, it was not the plan for me. I know I have some issues with gluten, but it just seems all grain is hard on my body and I also do not feel good when I eat potatoes. I also struggle with the fat free nature of the diet. I hate it. It just isn’t for me. I want to stress that diet is a personal thing and what works for one person, often does not work for another person.

I am just four days in, today is day five, and keto has absolutely changed it all. My body pain is almost gone, I sometimes still get up and limp a bit, but I can at least now stand up easily and start walking and limp very little compared to the stiffness of my joints, and the pain I had before keto. It will continue to improve over time. I had started gluten free first for a few days, but my blood sugar went up and I was still feeling less than my best. No doubt leaving out the gluten would have eventually taken the edge off the pain, but grains in general just are not for me and my husband. We think because he worked at a commercial bakery for ten years and we ate so much bread those ten years ,it was free, it somehow made us much more sensitive. It might not be that, but I just know that my weight and my husbands weight has been going up and up every week. Now every day it goes down a bit, and I celebrate every single ounce. I have never been one to lose a ton my first week, so I am excited every time I see the scale go down. When it goes up for a day, I usually see a new low the next day and so I am used to those up and downs on the scale. So far it has not gone up, but I know after I lose a certain amount I will see it go up a bit, but it always comes down to a new low within a few days.

I just want to start keeping myself accountable so I am posting on the YouTube channel with the same name as this blog and keeping a journal with weight and blood sugar recorded daily. Eventually I will post my daily weight here, but just am not comfortable doing that yet. It is so horrifying to have gone up 27 pounds since April 1. So much work to lose it and now I have do that work all over again. I wish I had never stopped but all the old excuses came into play. Too many excuses and all stupid as excuses usually are. We both decided this has to be the way we eat for life and we worked hard to prep for the week so we can easily be successful and we will keep that up. Eggs,raw and hard boiled, meat, all cooked up for the week along with lots of bacon, and breakfast sausage both cooked and uncooked. We are set for this new week and plan to stay on top of it so every week we start with a meal prepped fridge.

It just feels like a relief this time. Pain and exhaustion going away, weight and blood sugar going down daily.

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