Keto and functional medicine, getting healthy with the right tools

Just to warn you, I do talk about candida and my journey with having yeast in my system, so if that will bother you , please , do not read this post !!!

In the past few years I have , with my husband, tried many ways of eating and some of them more than once.

We tried vegan more than once , and both did awful on it and did not feel good on it. We did keto several times and it was okay, but the restrictions got to me. We recently tried to eat intuitively and that was a hot mess.

We finally went in to see a functional practitoner who tested me and told us some very surprising things.

I learned that my body does not digest carbs well, and does not digest dairy well. I have an overload of candida which I have struggled with my entire life.

I have had a bottle of caprylic acid on hand for times I feel I am having real issues for years, and I always struggle with sugar cravings and true to most people , I crave the very foods my body does not want. Sugar, carbs, dairy. Even on previous Keto diets I ate a lot of cheese , cream, and cream cheese.

So, he put me on a regiment of supplements including iodine for my thyroid issues and told me to get rid of the candida that I had to use an anti fungal or anti candida diet.

So, back to a keto plan , except for very strict rules for me. No sugars at all, no starchy veggies of course , cannot have either on keto, but also no dairy at all, also no vinegar or anything with it in it. No salad dressings, no mayo, this has been quite a change from my normal keto . No more pork rinds because of the oil most are fried in. I am eating only healthy clean real meat. No sausages or processed meat except for bacon as it is not a true processed meat and does not affect me. He told me if I did this my weight would also come off easily. It has, in the previous four days my weight dropped around six or seven pounds . I know you can say that is just the water weight coming off, but I have not had that much water weight come of the first week in a very long time. . I had been going up a bit every single day this month and I was getting very frustrated ! So, maybe some people do well on the pro metabolic diet, but it was way too much sugar and carb for me to do it.

So, today is day five, my sugar cravings are all but gone, and I am starting to feel the yeast die off in my system. I am basically starving the candida yeast as they love sugar in all is forms, including dairy. I asked if that is why I crave sugar so much and he said yes, they push you to eat what will keep them thriving. I am eating carnivore , which is just meat and eggs , for a bit to just jump start this and give those nasty little yeasts nothing they can live on. I will add some non starchy veggies eventually but have to limit my goitrogenic veggies as they affect the thyroid, also no soy, which I was already avoiding on my previous plans, no cruciferous veggies and no raw spinach. To be clear I hate cooked greens, so raw is the only way I will eat spinach. The fiber suppliment I take twice a day a half hour before meals keeps me very full for hours after I eat. I only ate two meals yesterday and was not hungry at all.

He gave me the fiber supplement to help me get those dead yeast out of my system as fast as possible and I am drinking a ton of lemon water to help with all that as well. The only caffeine I am drinking is in green tea bags, and an occasional diet dr pepper when I really need it, so I have had some caffeine withdrawal , which has made me a bit tired and the yeast die off makes it a bit worse.

I am looking forward to getting this yeast situation behind me asap. I have had toe nail fungus in my right foot for a very long time, decades , it is ugly and affects my entire foot , I just want it gone. So, now that I have a plan and someone helping me with it, I am much happier. My husband had different issues and got different supplements and can do a normal keto and eat the dairy that is allowed on the plan.

We will re evaluate and get rechecked each month and also check in with him once a week to have our supplements adjusted as he started us at the lowest he could.

I would tell you what he gave me, but each person is different and also one of the major ones he gave each of us is actually designed for what we each need personally , and the stuff he gave us can only be purchased from functional techs and doctors . But it is a daily muliti type liquid , a liquid oidine, fiber and the one designed just for me.

I have always wanted to try functional medicine and when a friend of ours used this tech and it changed her entire life, noticeably. She went from being fragile , in pain, not able to move well, on tons of meds and was just miserable , on meds for pain, depression and anxiety and was told she would never get better and always be on those meds and be in pain for the rest of her life , to pain free, med free , able to move and live normally and the change was so amazing and drastic we wanted to see what he had to say. It seemed like a miracle to me when I saw her for the first time after she was completely healed. The ten years I had known her I could not really even hug her for fear of hurting her and that day, she got down on the floor to play with our then 3 year old grand daughter and let her sit on her back and she crawled around on the floor and let her ride her like a horse. That convinced me. She has moved three hours away so she is working with a new functional medicine provider in her new area to work on her hormones now. I am sold on this way of treating our bodies. I had a doctor tell me two years ago when I had a horrible candida over run after some dental work and the antibiotics they gave me a month apart, that even caused thrush in my mouth, and I asked her if I should try a candida diet and she told me no, there is nothing you can eat or give up eating to fix a fungal problem. This is the problem with our medical system right now, most doctors are trained to treat conditions, not to cure them. My cousin is a Nurse Practitioner with a doctorate in nursing and she agrees with that. She says they do not teach anything about food and natural healing when you are studying medicine.

Luckily our new doctor is a DO and is very open to natural healing so that is good.

So, I try to be transparent here and tell you what I am doing. If you are confused by me changing my mind and trying new things, you are not alone, but I was doing it on my own and now I have guidance and help and that makes all the difference !! I am so excited to see the weight coming off and know that I am on my way to finally having the life long yeast issue over with.

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