Keto to plant based and back to keto why did I change back

I have not posted in a long time despite having every intention of doing so. We were on a keto diet for a while, but we decided , due to results not going as we had hoped , to a plant based plan. We stayed on that plan for a few months and decided it was a huge mistake and planned to go back to keto on Dec 27 of 2021 . However, after my blood sugar did a huge jump one morning , I went on a week earlier, putting me on keto during Christmas. My husband followed as planned on Dec 27.

Why did we leave the plant based plan ?

We just cannot do grains. On the plant based I got more and more miserable. I felt like I had the flu every single day. Body pains all over. The minor hip pain I had, grew to be , especially on my right side, unbearable. Limping, lots of pain and feeling like the flu. My husband found he was always feeling a bit sniffly and had congestion and allergies really bothered him. He has allergies to grass and often after mowing the yards he has to take a hit off of his inhaler. Well, think about the fact that grains are all a grass. He is ingesting what he is allergic too. My thyroid symptoms got worse and I have really researched and found that if you are sensitive to gluten your body attacks it as an invader , causing my aches and pains. What shocked me was the fact that gluten can mimick the thyroid and your body can attack that as well. So, my thyroid was getting worse. My body pain went through the roof, and my husbands allergies were bad. On top of that I had to use beano to eat beans or legumes of any kind, and the broccoli I so adored. They both just tore me up. We were done.

We have been keto a while now. 45 days for me, and a few days to a week less for him. All his sniffles are gone. All my body aches are gone. However my hip is still painful, not near as bad but still hurts. I have read that it can take up to three months on a keto plan to really see changes in arthritis pain. I was diagnosed with arthritis at the peak of the hip pain. They did blood work and an x ray which diagnosed me.

I have lost a decent amount of weight. I started at 226 pounds and I am currently at 216. Ten pounds. Now, that is not a lot of weight in six weeks but , I have noticed it is picking up now. Started slow, and now it is coming off a bit quicker. I am looking thinner and feel so much better.

I kind of fell into a semi carnivore plan. I feel better not eating cruciferous veggies , which I try to avoid for my thyroid. Many people say you can eat them cooked, it destroys many of the goitrogens , but I do not do well on them at all. I can feel my thyroid when I eat them and they tear me up, I have to use beano to eat them, so it was not worth it . I was eating mostly green beans. So, I just kind of stopped. I eat a bit of salad here and there and some plain tomato paste or sauce occasionally. But I am trying to stay off of most dairy so salads are rare because I like creamy dressings. We use any kind of oil extremely sparingly, to almost never. I have avocado oil and rarely use it. Coconut oil for making keto sweet treats only , which is also rare.

This time around we have completely different feelings about the entire thing. We know we will be staying off of grains permanently, and staying on keto/carnivore until all our weight is off and we are both having healthy numbers and in perfect health. At that point we may do keto/paleo and just add in a few things like berries,some non starchy veggies and for me sweet potatoes, and we will eat more salad veggies. I am going to work hard to learn a new way to cook ,and how to bake using almond and coconut flours and monk fruit and other keto friendly sugars instead of the real deal.

So, this is a new chapter for us. Coming at it from a completely different angle. Seeing our diet through the eyes of health, NOT what we prefer to eat. I am excited to be on this journey. I wish the plant based had worked out, I love whole grains and legumes, but they just do not love me. The fact that all my pain was gone a few weeks in, and the hip is definitely better, but still has a way to go.

I will do better at posting and sharing what I am doing here. I like having a place to be accountable. I write every thing I am doing and all my stats in a composition notebook. I just have not gotten on here to post them.

I want to be clear. The reason our last time on keto did not go well is we were doing more of a dirty keto. Eating out a lot, which we are NOT doing now. Eating more dairy and just not as clean as this time. We are eating at home, pure clean foods, not so much processed meats, some sausages and occasional hot dogs, but not very often. Trying to eat as natural of meats as we can. IE unprocessed like, chicken with the skin, pork chops, boneless country ribs, steak. Lots of eggs and I have bacon most mornings. My husband does eat sausage but I might suggest he try bacon to cut down a bit on that sausage.

I tried to repost all my old keto posts I took down, hoping they would put them back where they had been , but they wanted to post them as new and that would have been confusing.

So, 45 days in, excited about my journey and how we can make this a permanent way of eating.

Thanks for stopping by !!

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