November 20 Saturday Day 31 of my plan

Breakfast, my normal oat cookies,

1 cup rolled organic sprouted oats

1 cup canned pumpkin puree


mini choc chips, vegan, stevia no sugar


lunch was a treat. We had some stuff in the freezer that needs to get used up so we got most of it out. A box of veggie burgers, some bagels, some frozen fries, and we made ourselves some veggie burgers adding green leaf lettuce, tomato slices on the bottom and some sliced red onion and a bit of the guac we are trying to use up. I did not use any kind of other sauce on it, just the guac. Not sure if the bagels had any dairy in them, it is possible, but we are just trying to use up what is in the house and now they are gone. We will not be buying more and that is why I never call our diet vegan, most of the time it technically is, but once in a while something might not be perfect so I just say mostly plant based although most days we are completely plant based very low fat.

It was a pretty hardy lunch so we opted for a light dinner. Normally I would make a bunch of veggies for this meal, but I was just not up to it and we just had some chickpea pasta and organic sauce, some seasonings and a bit of the nutritional yeast I just bought.

I had already eaten some when I remembered I needed to take a picture for this blog

Not a great dinner. It was not even good honestly. It was edible and filling and that was about it. We cooked the pasta to the maximum they suggested, but it was just too chewy and just not good at all. We should have cooked it longer. We were both tired. The sauce is no sugar added, very healthy and a bit pricey honestly. Not sure if I will do that again. No real flavor even though I added a ton of Italian seasonings and garlic powder. I wish I had made a salad or veggies but after a very long day in my studio, I was beat. Very disappointing meal.

My stats for today

weight 217.6 6:39 am

blood sugar 94 6:43 am

blood pressure 126/71 9:55 pm

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