November 19 Friday Day 30 plant based

Well, I have reached a milestone, 30 days. I did eat a meal off plan a few days ago, but the rest of the day was perfect and it was a planned cheat meal. It does not take away from a month of hard work.

We have decided to stay away from processed grains, no bread, not toritillas, as my weight loss not only stopped but I went up several pounds. Not happy about that.

Decided to come in and write after each meal, save a draft and then post after dinner and apple cider vinegar. I do not want to get behind again.

Breakfast today, my usual oat cookies

1 cup oats, rolled, organic, and sprouted oats,

1 cup canned pure pumpkin puree

2 tablesp mini stevia sweetened, dark chocolate


I decided to update the picture but it is the same cookies I make pretty much every day !!

lunch was pretty good yesterday. I had defrosted a big bowl of frozen shredded hash browns. We bought a few of the four pound bags. We put them on a cookie sheet that I bought just for the hash browns, one of those non stick that are copper colored , and added a ton of veggies, over a pound of zuchinni and yellow squash, and I know that because I bought a package of presliced zuchinni and yellow squash and it was over a pound, lol !!! I added some onion and lots of seasonings and we ate it with some guac on it !! ARGHHH, I forgot to take a picture of it, darn it, I am so frustrated !! I have got to really get in the habit of doing that !! In my defense, I am working hard on my YouTube channel to get a lot of stuff recorded and took a really fast break to make lunch, worked while it cooked, pretty much inhaled it and went right back to work.

Dinner was a plain dinner. I had a bag, which I actually remembered to take a picture of, some home made cranberry beans and we topped with salsa and some guac.

it was a really good meal, we each had our own full bag of the frozen rice and veggies as it was shown as one serving on the bag, and mixed in beans and added some salsa and guac, I took this picture before I added the toppings, was just so happy I remembered to take a picture. It is the Walmart fresh guac they sell in the produce dept, and some Walmart brand salsa. I will pick up more of these bags of blends, quick and easy and not too bad on sodium, I think the entire bag was 370 milligrams of sodium.

I drank my apple cider vinegar at 9 pm

my stats for the day are

weight 221 at 6:38 am ( I was pretty upset it was up so high , but I am writing this on Sat and I cannot wait to share the new numbers for today , either tonight, or tomorrow morning after I have dinner and my apple cider vinegar for today.

blood sugar 99 at 6:41 am

I got to bed a lot earlier last night, at 11:20 so I was asleep by midnight, I am always up and down a few times before I fall asleep. I am getting up at 6:30 am no matter how late I fall asleep and I know once my body realizes I mean business I will be able to get to bed earlier. My natural schedule is bed between one and two and get up at 8:30 . I know that is not that late to get up, but I do not do anything productive at night because if I came in here to work I would be up until four in the morning. I would much rather get in bed early and get up early and have more productive hours a day !!! I actually love being up early and plan to get it to around five am very slowly over time. I love being up when the sun comes up, I just have to fight my natural body clock until it becomes my new schedule.

My blood pressure is still up, My best reading for last night was 146/81 at 9:33 pm, the other two I took were a bit higher.

but I have a feeling it is a bit of stress and anxiety trying to get caught up on my channel, and our house work, once I get all the videos done that I need to do, I have a feeling I will feel much better. I am working on letting it go, but as anyone who suffers from even a bit of anxiety knows, that never works. I am not dealing with severe anxiety by any means, but a bit more than normal. But I have to learn to let things go. Stressing over them does not help me get the work done any quicker !!!

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