Tuesday November 16 Day 27 plant based

Well, have been back on track for two days for the most part. The bananas in my cookies are a bit too much sugar in the morning I think. Today is the last day I use them in my oat cookies.

2 bananas, mashed well,

one cup of my rolled organic sprouted oats




here is the picture of my regular cookies, the pumpkin ones. It is all I can some days to just get the food made, I have never been a take a picture of my food kind of person, but working on it since I have this blog. But not one single day I made these banana version did I think to take a picture. I am not a morning person , lol !!!

lunch was my usual smoothie,

2 cups of almond milk,

a scoop of vegan protein powder

2 tablespoons of cocoa

2 tablespoons potato starch, resistant starch , supposed to help with weight loss


I cup of frozen blueberries

1 heaping cup small frozen strawberries

I love this huge metal smoothie/ milkshake straw I got on Amazon. so much better than my small metal straws !!

Dinner was again, the canned low sodium black beans and brown rice, pico and gauc, you would think at least once I would have gotten a picture of it. I think I might have one from the birthday party, but it has salad in it, we did not have salad last night. , could not find it, just used the one I used last, just picture fresh pico and some gauc on top !!!

apple cider vinegar once ounce in a big glass of ice water with stevia 10:05 pm

my stats for today are

weight 220.4 8:00 am

blood sugar 97 8:04 am

Weight is still up , kind of frustrating. I ate what I posted, and they were not excessive amounts either.

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