November 18 Thursday Day 29 plant based

Tomorrow, Friday will be a month.

( I am writing this on Friday, and completely wiped out. I am hoping that tonight I can finally get to bed at a decent hour. I can barely keep my eyes open. I am sticking to my plan of getting up at 6:30 but still not getting to sleep until after one and I am really starting to feel it. I knew it would take a few days to get my body to cooperate, but hopefully tonight I will get to sleep earlier. I sure hope so !!! Last night I was falling asleep on the sofa and went to take a shower at 7:30 and it woke me back up. Got to bed at one am again ….. so frustrating. So, I will just have to be tired until I get adjusted.

Back to thursdays food and stats

Breakfast, my normal, and back to the pumpkin. I froze the rest of the bananas so I could start using pumpkin again.

1 cup of oats, rolled, organic sprouted oats

1 cup canned pure pumpkin puree

2 tbsp of mini chocolate chips, stevia no sugar, dark chocolate vegan friendly

1 tbsp cocoa powder


stevia powder

my normal picture I took at the start. Will try to do better taking fresh ones.

lunch was leftover split pea soup with brown rice and some pretzels, and I actually took a picture a few bites in !!! Messy bowl, I have to get better at food photography. Low fat pretzels

dinner was same as the night before, and just as not on plan really.


2 refried bean tostadas lettuce and add tomato,

Two burritos with just beans and sauce and used the stuff that fell off the tostadas to fill the burritos. No picture again.

we have to stop getting it, not even sure if the beans are vegan, some things say they are, and some say they are not. So, back to taco bell we will go next time because they are vegan friendly. The main reason we stopped getting taco bell is they seemed to have trouble with our vegan versions and then they do not have tostadas either which is one of our favorites. Taco Casa gives you a pretty nice amount of lettuce so we love that. But if the beans are not plant based we just cannot do it. We can get black bean tacos at taco bell without cheese and that will be close. At least we will know it is on plan, just as long as it is not often as the taco shells are still fried.They have soft tacos too but those have fat and we need to cut back on gluten as it affects both of us in different ways negatively. Taco bell is also pretty stingy with the beans , lettuce and tomato. So, the best choice is to just eat at home and do not eat out. I was just really tired last night and we had nothing easy to eat in the house. Which is really not true, could have opened a can of beans and microwaved a potato.

Noticed my blood pressure was up after two nights of having this dinner.

Apple cider vinegar , one ounce in a large glass of water wit stevia 8:30 pm

I usually forget to put this picture

my stats

weight 220 6:41 am still up from my low last week of 217 and change. Not happy with that. Need to fine tune the diet .

blood sugar 94 6:47 am /love this

blood pressure last night

140/74 9:41 pm, do not like seeing it go up

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