November 17 Wednesday Day 28 plant based plan

Getting closer to a month in. Seems a lot longer, lol. I will not lie, this has been a very hard transition. Fat free vegan diet is basicly what we are aiming for, so no animal products at all, and no fat at all. The no fat thing is the hardest. Cheese and butter were staples in our house, and now we do not use them at all.

My breakfast today was a bit different. I got up early at 6:30 and was so tired from getting to bed late the night before. I decided to start getting up at 6:30 no matter what and it is taking time to get my body to get to better early. I am writing this blog from my notes on friday November 19 and I am exhausted because I am still not falling asleep until after one, but getting up each day at 6:30 !!

So breakfast was raisn bran, the store brand, a couple of bowls full. Well, basicly I eat the first bowl and put enough in the second time to finish the almond milk, so the second bowl is not near as full as number one.

lunch was my usual smoothie,

2 cups of almond milk

a scoop of vegan protein powder

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

2 tablespoons potato starch


1 cup frozen blueberries

1 frozen banana

my personal stock photo, looks the same every day, this was from a while back, but same cup, same straw, some everything. Just love that huge metal straw !!!

Dinner Taco Caso ,

2 tostados NO cheese, only beans, lettuce, tomatoes and onions Ihad them add the tomato and give me some onions on the side.

2 bean burritos NO cheese just beans and mild sauce , added the lettuce and tomato plus onion I added that fell off of the tostadas to the burritos, again, no pictures I am so sorry. I will work harder on that.

apple cider vinegar at 9:00 pm

stats for today

weight 219.8 6:43 am still up from my low last week.

blood sugar 93 6:46 am, pretty excited abut this one !!

I have not been putting my blood pressure, will start doing that again, I do write it down each day.

blood pressure 130/67 8:56 pm

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