November 15, Monday, Day 26 of our plant based eating plan

Well, the fun weekend is over and I am still paying the price with my weight being up.

Breakfast was my normal, oat cookies,

1 cup my normal organic rolled sprouted oats

2 bananas mashed

cinnamon and stevia


these are the pumpkin, not banana, but forgot to take pictures of the other kind

Lunch and dinner were the exact same ,looks boring but was pretty good , even two meals in the same day. This is the same meal from another day with jar pico, and no gauc or fresh onions , but I had not taken a picture, I forget to take pictures but will try to do better.

both meals were canned low sodium black beans, brown rice either home made or from a bag , plain, frozen , my homemade taco seasoning and I was trying to use up the rest of the fresh pico I had bought, and some gaucamole I had as well. I added some extra chopped onion to each meal.

stats are

weight 219.8 7:24 am

blood sugar 100 7:27 am

still up from the weekend.

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