November 14 2021 Sunday , day 24 of our plant based plan

I am writing this post on Friday November 19. This week got away from me, but I carefully take notes every single day and I am working to get this blog caught up.

One thing I am doing different this time around is not starting my entire diet over when I had a bad meal. I am still considering it day 24 even though I had some Mexican food yesterday that was not plant based. I kept the other meals perfect and on point and it was from the start, a planned cheat meal.

Breakfast was my oat cookies but still with the bananas instead of pumpkin as I was using them up before they went bad.

1 cup oats,

2 bananas mashed well



Lunch, we never ended up eating lunch. We were busy all day and just did not find the time.

Dinner had been a planned cheat meal but after how I felt yesterday we dialed it way back. It was more of a legal cheat meal. I did get pictures too !!!

Olive garden, angel hair pasta with plain marinara sauce, no meat or cheese, two orders of broccoli on it. Salad with no croutons and the low fat dressing, and breadsticks with no butter on them, just dry. Wonderful !!!!

Was a filling meal and much closer to our actual plan. Just too much white flour honestly. Otherwise, not bad and perfectly fine on occasion for a treat. The Mexican meal should not have happened for sure.

my stats were

weight 219.6 7:59 am , it goes up so fast when I eat what I should not.

blood sugar 104 8:02 am

I did get my apple cider vinegar in after dinner, an once ounce in a big glass of water with stevia. 9:42 pm

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