November 13, Saturday , day 24 of our plan

I am writing this post on Monday, November 15 from all the notes I took over the weekend.

I promised to be completely transparent and that is what I am doing here. You can see from the header picture I did not stay on plan all day today.

This was our 40 year anniversary weekend. No big trips planned mainly for two reasons. Our dog. No one to take care of her as our daughter was out of town too, which is reason number two, we had her older son stay with us, he is 14, and we were able to go out for each day and have some fun, he watched our dog, made sure she got out for potty breaks and we were home by dinnertime Saturday night and he was back home late afternoon Sunday when his mom and stepdad got home. He got to hang out here instead of going with his folks to help friends move which he really did not want to do.

So, we planned early on to have one fun meal per day, Saturday and Sunday and then back on plan today. Rest of day we were good.

Breakfast on Saturday was my normal oat cookies but switched it up a bit, had a cup of oats, two bananas mashed and some raisins instead of the choc chips, still added the cinnamon and stevia.

After over 3 weeks with no oil or meat, this meal tasted so amazing, chips and salsa, such a treat. Well, I really enjoyed that meal and felt good after, but that just lasted a few hours and then I felt awful. Awful enough I have no desire to do that again any time soon. Awful enough later in the evening to even scare me a bit.

While I was still feeling good after dinner we went to an antique shop to get something I wanted and we had each thought the other had grabbed the day before . I took a maple sandwich cookie they had sitting out and within ten minutes I felt really weird. It did not register it was a sugar rush, I have not each sugar in three weeks either. Luckily it did not last long, but was really weird. Do not have a picture but it was a maple leaf shaped sandwich cookie, I had another one on the way out the door later. I told you I will be honest in this blog and not hide anything I ate.

Here are the pictures from lunch sorry they are blurry, not sure why ? Three tamales, chosen because no cheese, rice and beans and one crunchy taco with a bit of cheese and of course ground beef.

Late dinner was split pea soup I made the other night . Split peas , potatoes, carrots ,and onions . I had four slices of sour dough bread, very low fat bread, completely plain, with it, not ideal, it is out of the house now and we will not buy it again any time soon !!! We both agree that bread is not something either of us should be eating except for rare treats and it has to be very low fat when we do it, which this one was. .

I forgot to take one of the bowl, this is the full crock pot !!! It was not near as watery as the picture makes it look.

my stats for the day are

weight 217.2 my lowest so far 8:08 am

blood sugar 102 8:12 am

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