November 12 Friday,what I ate and stats

I am running a few days behind, but I have my notes to write from. I keep a notebook and write every single thing I eat in it, and all my other info as well. I just wanted to keep it here like a diary as well. So, I am sitting down on Monday November 15 and catching up my blog food diary.

so, friday,Novermber 12 is our 23rd day on our plan. Plant based and very low fat.

My normal oat breakfast cookies,

1 cup oats, slightly heaped

1 cup pumpkin puree, canned very rounded to use up the last bit of the can


2 and a half tbsp of the choc chips, vegan, mine stevia dark choc chips. I added a bit more because there is more oats and pumpkin today

I do not always take a new picture if it is the same thing every day

lunch was my normal smoothie

2 cups almond milk

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 cup small frozen strawberries

1 scoop vegan protein powder

2 tbsp potato starch, resistan starch supposed to help with weight loss

2 tbsp cocoa powder

stevia powder

I do not always take a new picture if it is the same thing as another day.

snack later,

a banana late afternoon


homemade split pea soup

split peas




all cooked in the crock pot with a bit of smoke flavor , garlic powder, and a dash of salt , i t actually is much better than it looks in the picture !!!

this is the crockpot, not my bowl, got to get better at taking pictures of my actual meals, I am getting better, thought I had one of the bowl. But simple pure ingredients in that soup

My stats for the day were pretty good.

weight 217.6

blood sugar 98

happy with both.

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