My eating and stats for Thursday November 11 2021

Since I was late uploading my information from yesterday and I am done for today, I figured I would just go ahead and post todays information as well.

My normal breakfast, my oat cookies, which are a cup of oats, and a cup of canned pumpkin, some cinnamon and stevia, cocoa powder.

I will use the same picture every day unless something changes, no point in taking a pictures of the exact same thing every day.

Lunch is my normal smoothie,

2 cups almond milk

vegan protein powder

handful of chopped kale, pulled out the stems,

a cup of frozen blueberries

a cup of small frozen strawberries

2 heaping tbsp cocoa powder

2 heaping tbsp potato starch for resistant starch, supposed to help with weight loss.

stevia powder

like breakfast, if nothing changes, I will use the same picture.


some of the spiraled zucchini

chopped baby bella mushrooms an entire box

a medium yellow bell pepper

a small brown onion

a few cloves of fresh garlic

organic spagetti sauce with NO oil or sugar

Italian spices and garlic powder

green garden salad with shredded carrots, spring mix, cucumbers, red onions, cherry tomatoes, oil free dressing chick peas, a half can

forgot to take a picture until I was almost done eating so I got a close up of what was left, I am not used to photographing my food !!!
like dinner, I forgot to take a picture, it was a pretty good sized salad, I will try to remember tomorrow

my apple cider vinegar after dinner, we ate early and we were done eating by six pm. Had apple cider vinegar at 6:05 pm

My stats for today

weight at 7:34 am , same as yesterday 218.6

blood sugar at 7:51 am 93 , I was thrilled with this result !!

I went back and wrote down each days weight in seven day blocks, adding each seven days together and dividing by seven to get my average for the week. When I hit four weeks on November 17 will share the four weeks totals and what my average weight was for each week and what I have lost each week , and what I lost total over the first month.

I have been writing each days stuff down since day one, but only started putting it here the last few days.

So, I will post fridays stuff either friday night or Saturday morning.

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