Day 21, three weeks into my plant based diet

I am late publishing this today as I had a fun play date planned with one of our young grandkids. But here are is my food intake and stats for yesterday, Wednesday November 10 2021

Breakfast was my usual oat “cookies” one cup oats, one cup canned pure pumpkin and cinnamon, some cocoa powder and stevia powder along with two tablespoons of mini vegan , stevia sweetened dark chocolate chips.

Lunch was my smoothie.

I scoop of vegan protein powder , one cup of frozen blue berries and one frozen banana, two tablespoons cocoa powder, two heaping tablespoons of potato starch for resistant starch, supposed to help you lose more weight, and since I have it, why not. Stevia powder , a squirt of stevia cocoa powder

Dinner was baby multi color potatoes, roasted with Brussels sprouts I trimmed the bottoms off and cut in half. I tossed it all in some veggies low sodium broth and seasoned with a vegan salt free seasoning.

We had a salad of baby greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and a half can of chick peas and no fat, no oil dressing, no sugar either.

Apple cider vinegar at 8 pm in a tall glass of water.

my stats for the day are

weight at 7:31 am is 218.6

blood sugar at 7:31 am is 100

blood pressure is

137/77 at 6:53 pm

135/70 at 12:12 am (midnight )

128/70 at 12:30 am

Not sure why the blood pressure is taking so long to come down. I am not eating high salt but I might have to make my own garbanzo beans instead of using canned because of the salt. Nothing else I am doing has much salt in it.

Since it is so late, and I am done for the day, I am going to post todays next as well so it is up for tomorrow.

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