Day 20 Plant based eating

I decided to write every day and post the day befores stats to keep me accountable .

So, here are my notes from yesterday November 9, day 20 on my plant based eating plan.

It was a nice, stay at home day for a change so I was able to stay on track with my meals on time and my normal smoothie instead of some burritos or tostadas out.

My stats will be posted at the end of the post.

My breakfast was my normal oat cookies

1 cup oats,

1 cups canned pumpkin puree

1 tspn cinnamon

2 tblsp mini Lilly brand vegan dark chocolate stevia sweetened choc chips

some pure stevia powder sprinkled in, if I had to quess, a quarter a tsp or less.

That is my daily breakfast

Lunch was a smoothie, vegan protein powder, two cups of almond milk, 2 tablespoons potato startch as a resistant starch, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, a handfull of fresh kale, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of frozen blueberries stevia cocoa syrup a squirt, and some powdered pure stevia powder

I drank while working in my studio as you can see !!!

Dinner was left over brown rice and beans I made up for Saturday when we went to one of our grandaughters birthday parties. The featured image is from the party, it was a wonderful meal. We had salad and some pico and guac that night.

I put brown rice, canned tomatoes, putting the juice into the water for the rice, and I chopped up finely a green zucchini, a yellow squash, an onion and a yellow bell pepper and a handful of baby bella mushrooms. Cooked it in the rice cooker with some of my Mexican seasoning, the recipe is a post on the page, and then we mixed in some home cooked cranberry beans, which look like a redder pinto bean, and the meal was really good , and as a leftover, even better !! We had some tomatoes and onion chopped up, we did not have any lettuce to use and I baked us up some plain corn tortillas in the oven to make tostadas, oil free, fat free. Simple but absolutely wonderful . Normally we would have lettuce on it but we were out. We will pick some up either later today, or tomorrow. We did buy ice berg today , but I love red and green leaf and romaine . I also need more kale for my smoothies. Walmart had NO lettuce but iceberg and we had to go there for my testing stuff for my blood sugar meter, I usually buy our produce at another store but we had frozen stuff , some oil free hashbrowns that we cannot get at the other store, so we had to come home and will have to run up later.

I have been having a large glass of water with apple cider vinegar in it every night, keep forgetting to take a picture of it, will try to remember tonight. It is a tall wide mouth canning jar, the jar is the size of the opening , so it is nice glass. One ounce of apple cider vinegar and some pure stevia powder. Had that at 9 pm

Had my normal handmade lemonade, fresh lemon, half a small lemon per glass with stevia and ice. I have one to three a day, it was just one yesterday.

And I drink one packet of True Lemon with some caffeine in it. I divide that packet between two 24 ounce water bottles to dilute it and drink over several hours. Not sure why the picture above is so bad, but you can at least see the product. It is stevia sweetened which I like.

I had one can of diet caffeine free Dr Pepper.

No after dinner snacks, finished dinner around 7:15 or so

My stats for the day are

weight 219.8 at 7:45 am

Blood sugar 98 at 7:51 am I am not diabetic but have run very high prediabetic a few time times, have not had my A1 c tested in a while, but have my appt end of December and will get all of that done, as well as my lipid panel and all that, and will report it here.

Blood pressure took a couple of times over the evening

130/66 at 7:29 pm

124/67 8:49 pm

130/67 9:27 pm

Once I am on plan a bit longer it will get down much better, the top number should come down and usually after being oil free plant based it will get down to 116/68 on a regular basis.

Decided to cut refined carbs out, which was basicly the corn tortillas. I need to get this weight off and they can slow down progress.

So, excited to post my three week results tomorrow, complete weight loss so far and look forward to seeing how I do giving up those final refined carbs in the corn tortillas. From all I have read, and seen in videos, that can be the hold up on weight loss and I am done being stupid. If I am going to give up so much, and work so hard, why eat one thing that can hold me back ? It is not forever, although we will never go back to normal eating, we will be able to add some healthy refined carbs like the corn tortillas in once we are at goal weight. For now, they will be a special treat !!

I have also got to get my fluids up to a gallon a day, I lose much faster when I drink a gallon a day. I just want to be below 200 as soon as I can. It has been close to 30 years since I was below 200 and I am ready to be in onderland !!!! I know every pound gone helps me to get healthier. I am actually pretty excited to see the doctor end of December. I hope to blow him away as I am sure he thinks I will never lose the weight and will just have a heart attack because I refuse to take statins and blood pressure meds.

The other thing I am going to push myself to do is walk a half hour a day. That is a big thing. I just put a show on in the family room/ kitchen and walk back and forth and listen, it is about 25 to 27 feet from the back door to the stove, so it is a good space to walk back and forth.

Talk to you tomorrow.


3 responses to “Day 20 Plant based eating”

  1. Congratulations on your journey! I’m impressed that you are monitoring your blood sugar and blood pressure at home. That shows your commitment.
    My grandmother used to drink apple cider vinegar in water every day with a little honey, but I’m not sure why! She was pretty healthy except for some asthma she had since a child.
    A whole gallon of water????

    • Thank you !! Yes gallon of complete fluids a day. Everything I drink. I don’t make that goal very often , I usually am somewhere in between a half and 3/4 of a gallon a day !
      When we are not home I don’t like to drink that much because I don’t want to have to seek out bathrooms all day and when I’m home I’m working and busy and I forget to drink when I’m working on projects! I’m a work in progress for sure !

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