Vegan friendly oat and pumpkin breakfast cookies

I wanted to share what I eat pretty much every single day for breakfast and I never get tired of them. I use pumpkin most days, but you can substitute apple sauce or a couple of very ripe bananas for the pumpkin if you want to. I will do that if I have a few bananas that are really ripe and need to be eaten.

The best part about these cookies is you do not have to be plant based or vegan to eat them. They are a healthy breakfast for anyone eating a carb rich diet, and other than a keto or paleo plan, most people can eat these.

I want to be very clear, I did not invent this, it is all over the internet, but when I started making it many years ago , it was less known, and I cannot remember where I saw it, and it was an applesauce version I saw. I added the pumpkin from preference. Most versions I see are the banana or applesauce.

my favorite plant based breakfast

So, here are the ingredients I use.

I use these wonderful and hearty rolled organic sprouted oats. I get them on Amazon, but I bought my first bag at the health food store. I just buy the nice big five pound bags now. I keep them in a large jar that I bought years ago at Target, has a nice seal on it, could be for cookies, or flour or sugar, but I put my oats in it.

I will type the recipe at the bottom but show the ingredients first with pictures .

I taped the front of the bag on the front of the jar.

So, to make the cookies I use I cup of these oats.

a cup of oats, my husband prefers the quick oats, but I prefer rolled outs, these are a bit heartier than the ones from the grocery store, I really love them in the cookies
one cup of pumpkin puree, the pure pumpkin not the pie mix.

I had to crop the pictures because I happened to take these pictures one of the couple of days that I tried doing a half cup of each, I was not happy , was not filling enough, went back to one cup each of pumpkin and oats.

1 teaspoon of cinnamon
I add a bit of the pure stevia powder, this is a bottle that I refill, I buy big bags of the pure stevia online and then add them to this jar as needed. Just use to taste ,or substitute your favorite sweetener .
I add two rounded tablespoons of these mini chocolate chips
These chocolate chips are sugar free , stevia sweetened and vegan friendly . My husband double checked, it used to say it was vegan on the bag, but the company says on their site they are vegan friendly, I did however notice on the back of the bag they now say that they are prepared in a plant where they could be exposed to milk, that may be why it is not on the package any more. So, you can substitute any chips you want, or add nuts, raisins or any other add in you prefer. My husband uses raisins, no stevia and adds a few of the chocolate chips. He eats his dipped in honey, that is why I do not call us vegans, there is honey in our home, and he uses it a lot, I am not a big honey fan, so I do not eat it. I am eating vegan, but when I eat the refried beans out, I cannot be absolutely sure what is in them, so I just say plant based.

So, here is the recipe for you to see all at once. You can cut it in half if you do not have a big appetite,

oven 350

1 cups oats, any kind you like, except steel cut obviously

I cup pumpkin, but you can substitute 1 cup applesauce, or a couple of very ripe bananas, if the bananas are not really ripe, they do not come out as good. Think of banana bread, the riper the bananas the better.

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 tablespoons of the mini chocolate stevia chips

stevia to taste, you can use whatever sweetener you prefer.

keep in mind these pictures are showing you a half batch, I will update with full cup of each pictures when I make the cookies tomorrow.

mix it all together

drop by rounded tablespoons on a cookie sheet, I use a silicone mat on my cookie sheet.

again, this is a half batch, which you might prefer, but was not enough for me.

Set oven for 350 and bake for 15 minutes. Since, unlike cookies, they do not rise or change in any way, you can actually put them pretty close to together if you do the full batch on a small cookie sheet.

the finished cookies, again this is a half batch, you get twice this much if you do the full cup each of oats and pumpkin.

I tend to buy the larger cans of pumpkin when I can, and finally I can now, and I put the left overs in a storage container in the fridge and it gives me a few days of cookies.

I love these little glass containers and have switched all our plastic out for these. Several different brands and sizes.

I just love these cookies. I used to put walnuts in them with the chocolate chips, but since I am on an oil free plant based eating plan, no walnuts and only limited avocado. I miss the walnuts a lot, they really added to the flavor. IF you are not restricted and can eat nuts, and love nuts, the walnuts add a lot to the flavor and texture of the these cookies. You can also add in any extracts you enjoy as well.

I will come back and update this tomorrow when I make them again, to show you the full cups of each and how a full batch looks.


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