Day 19 plant based daily blog post

I made the decision to start posting my notes from the previous day to keep me accountable and maybe help someone else.

I am not going to go back to day one as that would be confusing, so I am starting with yesterdays notes, day 19 on my plant based diet, Monday, November 8.

I keep a written account of everything I do. Now, each day I will post my notes from the day before. What I ate, how I felt and my weight, blood sugar and blood pressure .

Pretty much every single day, few exceptions, I start my day with my favorite plant based breakfast. Oat cookies.

I will do a separate blog post with the recipe after I post this post.

This is my go to breakfast and very filling. So, this was my breakfast yesterday.

My husband had a follow up appt for his recent knee surgery so I did not end up taking my vitamins, but normally after breakfast I take my vitamins and suppliments.

Lunch yesterday was 4 bean NO CHEESE tostadas from a local taco place. No pictures, but will take pictures every day for the blog from now on. The tostadas had refried beans, taco sauce , lettuce, tomato and onion plus I added some left over store made “fresh” pico and gaucamole to the top of each one. They were mixed together and probably a heaping tablespoon each tostada.

Dinner was left over from a few days ago, I actually took pictures of it the other day, and forgot, so had to come back and add them to this post when I found them.

came out really wonderful but have to admit, tastes the best with the pico and guac on it, which is how I made it for a birthday party we brought our own food for on Saturday, here is that meal, bought a garden salad and pico and guac at our local grocery store to bring with us. This was taken at home later when we ate the leftovers.
here was the next day and I had added some fresh avocado to the left over gauc and the little tub of salad and pico are in the picture, really lovely meal, could eat this at least once or twice a week.

So, this dinner was brown rice put into the rice cooker with drained petite diced tomatoes, the 28 ounce can, and I used the drained juice as part of the water for the rice. I added a finely chopped yellow bell pepper , a medium size zuchinni, a medium size yellow squash, a medium brown onion and 8 baby bella small mushrooms. All chopped small and added to the pot. I added the liquid and some of my own Mexican seasoning, and a little salt and turned the rice cooker on to brown rice. When it was done I added some home cooked cranberry beans to the rice and that was our dinner last night. We used some steamed corn tortillas to load the beans and rice into as small soft tacos and it was really good.

I have been adding a glass of water after dinner with an ounce of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, the kind with the mother in it, into it with some pure stevia powder. It is supposed to help with blood sugar and is supposed to have some weight loss benefits as well, but I know it is good for you so that is my after dinner add. I fill a tall glass with water and add the vinegar and stevia, again, starting today I will take pictures.

I had a snack a couple of hours after dinner, which I do not do that often, air popped pop corn, about a 1/3 cup kernals , filled the little cup they give you. Nothing on it, just plain pop corn. It is amazing how good it tastes when you get used to not having the butter and salt on it. I had transitioned to a microwave popcorn that was only salted, but of course there was some oil in the bag that helped it pop, this is oil free, as well as salt free , but strangely just as satisfying.

so, my stats for yesterday were

my blood sugar was 104 at 8:28 am

My weight was 219 at 8:24 am

Since we have been eating some cheeseless bean burritos and tostadas out, I have noticed my blood pressure is back up again. I need to cut out the eating out and eat at home so I need to cook up a bunch of food every four to five days, which I will be doing today and I will take pictures.

my blood pressure was

146/74/11:35 pm , I forgot to take it earlier in the day, we had a busy day yesterday

after I sat and rested a bit I took it again,

135/75 at 11:53 pm

So, that was my Monday. Today as I prepare my meals I will keep my camera handy to take pictures of each thing I do. I want to be completely accountable so if I eat something I should not, I will post it, I did have some candy that was sent to me over a few days and it is in my notes. So, no hiding anything, that serves no purpose.

So, todays goal is to roast some potatoes, sweet potatoes, cook up black beans, which soaked last night and are already rinsed and in the pot cooking. I have some fresh brocoli to cook up and some heads of cauliflower that if they are still good , will cook those up. We had a fridge die on us a few weeks ago and had to put all our food into our porch fridge until the new one was delivered and so those are still out there, and could go either way, but if they are good, I will cook up at least one of them.

I am going to post this and then do a post on how to make the oat cookies .

Will be back tomorrow with todays notes and pictures of every single thing I ate today. I will take photos of the items I cook and then post them as separate posts over the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by, I would love to hear about your experiences on a plant based or vegan diet !!

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