Almost three weeks plant based

I have the best intentions to write every single week, want to write every day and then I never do it. I have to make time to write it as often as possible for my own accountability.

I have been on a plant based diet for a couple days short of three weeks, I believe I am on day 19. I have not been perfect, had someone send me a box of chocolate for Halloween and I did eat some. At our grandaughters birthday party we brought our own food, but we each had one of the unfrosted cupcakes, small , with some fresh berries on them. Other than that, I have worked very hard to stay on my plan. My health is keeping me from making stupid decisions. When I even think about having something like a burger or even a chicken sandwich or fries, I remember what is at stake. I am so determined to get healthy and repair all the damage all the years of not eating the way I should have caused.

Pretty much every single day for breakfast I have oats. I make breakfast oat cookies. I plan to do a post about it and took pictures to show you. But oats every morning. I try for a smoothie most days for lunch with greens, frozen berries and frozen bananas and some vegan protein powder, and then dinner is oil free plant based. Rice , beans, salad, veggies, pasta, potatoes and so on. NO oil, fat free as I can be, absolutely no oil in the house, no butter, no lard, no shortening, no fats at all , no mayo, nothing. David is finishing up a few salad dressings that have a bit of olive oil in them, but I eat only a fat free / oil free dressing.

Weight loss is very slow for me. Diagnoised with metabolic syndrome by an endocrinologist ten years ago. It is way past time to deal with this and get the weight off once and for all. It is not about vanity and looking good, it is completely about health. I want to get my cholesterol down, heal my arteries, get my blood pressure to perfect and my blood sugar. My blood pressure is going down and after I am on this plan a few more weeks and also watch the sodium, it will be really awesome. Usually I can get it down to 116/68 with a plant based diet. Blood sugar takes longer and I am running in the morning between 97 and 104 . Not horrible, but not great either, I want it below 100 every day. It will get there over time if I stay fat and oil free plant based.

I have a bit more to deal with on my diet because I have to be gluten free. I have all over body pain that does go away on a plant based diet, but not completely until I get the wheat out. It is like having the flu every day but I am not sick. NO temp no other illness, just muscle and joint pain that is pretty bad some days. Makes it hard to sleep because I lay on one arm and it hurts, so I lay on the other arm, and then it hurts. It got to where when I was first starting the plant based plan I had to sleep sitting up on the sofa for a few days because I could not lay on either arm or my right hip because it hurt too bad. I have been having horrible hip pain, got x rays and they said it was mild arthritis. If that is mild arthritis I truly feel for those who have severe arthritis, it is no joke. Being on the plant based plan has helped it tremendously and the last couple of days being off of the wheat I am feeling so much better. I was tested and do not have celiac and was also negative for rheumatoid arthritis and I do not have fibromyalgia either. The arthritis in my hands goes away on the plant based plan and it seems this more recent hip arthritis pain is responding to it as well. I was limping very badly and had pretty bad pain, the pain is almost gone and so is the limping. Still cannot lay on it much at night, but due to my husbands back issues, we have a pretty hard bed and I might have to put a piece of memory foam on my side of the bed. I hate firm beds, but since he has had two spinal surgeries, my needs were not as important as his, until just recently when the bed started causing me issues.

Before starting the plant based plan we had done a keto plan but my numbers were horrible on it and the hip pain, body pain and all over pain went through the roof and on top of that I had back spasms like crazy. We went off the diet and immediately cutting the animal protein the back spasms went away, and the body pain improved a bit but did not really go away until after I had been on this plant based plan for over a week. We took all the suppliments and electrolytes on keto, but it just was not the plan for me. My cholesterol and blood pressure were both so high my doc wanted to put me on meds. I have a very strong family history of heart disease in my birth family, I was adopted and my adopted family has had none. But I am in touch with one of my sisters and our mother died of heart disease that started around my age , and my sister started her heart disease issues in her forties. So, I cannot ignore this any longer. So, here I am on a plant based , oil free, fat free diet.

I will work harder to post my stats and keep myself accountable here. I will do some posts showing what I am eating and share some of the recipes.

But I did remove the few posts about the keto plan. I am not on it and cannot promote it responsibly with my experiences after being on it. There are many people who thrive on it and they are the ones that need to talk about the plan, not me.

Thanks for stopping by. I will make a point of getting on here with my notes and keeping track of my progress much more often. I would love daily, but not sure if that will actually happen !!!


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