No more low carb for me

I have tried so many plans to get healthy and I have been on keto for five months. My husband and I had a very stressful week working on our house and decided to take one week off and then go back on plan. My husband will be back on Keto in a day or two but after a lot of thought, I have decided to NOT join him.

He is doing great. Inches and pounds falling off of him. He feels great. Me, not so much. I have not done as well despite being very strict for five months. My joints are more painful every day, despite using electrolytes and taking all the recommended suppliments. My blood pressure has gotten higher and it is to the point I have to make a change or go on drugs for it . If I eat too much animal protein I do not lose weight and it does not take much meat to add up to more protein than I can eat and still lose.

I decided on Pritikin because of its reputation with solving issues with blood pressure and cholesterol very quickly. It is a great plan and I think it will be a perfect fit for me.

I can have a lot of whole grains, fruits, veggies , and starchy veggies. But only two egg whites a day, and only 4 ounces max of salmon or lean chicken a day.

NO cheese or full fat milk or full fat yogurt. Fat free milk , two cups a day , fat free yogurt, cottage cheese or ricotta are the only dairy I can have. Since I do not like cottage cheese and only use ricotta in lasagna, I will not be eating any cheese at all. Since I am fairly certain I am addicted to cheese, not a bad thing to be honest.

Very low sodium, pretty much as low fat as you can get. Plant heavy. Pretty much the opposite of what I was doing .

So, out comes the rice cooker and I am going to be making my brown rice again.

Now, I have done vegan and did not do well on it. What is the difference between vegan and Pritikin . I was eating salt, and was using some fats and oils as well as eating meat substitutes which are very fatty. This will be a NO processed foods other than some canned unsweetened fruit is allowed and for me that will only be canned pumpkin for my oat “cookies” I like to make for breakfast. I have missed them so much !!! I will be able to have up to four ounces of fish or chicken a day. Which means I can make my husband and I the same dinner, I may just have some sweet potato with mine. I will not buy regular potatoes as I am not craving them, but they are a huge favorite of my husbands. He could not care less about sweet potatoes and I adore them. That way I am not triggering him at all. I remain fully supportive of his plan and will still be cooking his food and making sure he has what he needs.

So, again my journey to health and weight loss takes another turn. I really thought that keto was it. But my joints have been hurting worse the longer I am on the plan. I am to the point of not being able to take it. My joints were fine before keto and my blood pressure was never this high. Also troubling are some pains in my big toe, which can indicate gout, another thing I have never experienced before. Clearly a high animal protein diet is not for me.

So, I will report here how it goes. I am sorry if you were following me because I was on keto. I gave it five full months. I am done. I do not want to end up on drugs and my blood pressure the last few weeks has been getting higher. Not lower and I am not losing the inches and pounds that my husband is losing.

So, I will get to the store in a couple of days and get some things I need and when my husband goes back on keto, I will be starting Pritikin. It was never an attachment to a particular diet, it is finding what works for me and gets me healthy. I thought it was keto, but obviously it is not the plan for me.

2 thoughts on “No more low carb for me

  1. I can really relate with your plight, as I just recently got off keto as a result of lab work that indicated high cholesterol and found myself missing grapes, apples, bread and mainly getting to eat anything I like not limited to the keto diet. I started a food relationship management service to continue losing weight as I was honestly terrified of gaining back all the weight I had lost on keto (40 lbs). I have been on Noom for six weeks and have lost ten pounds. The lessons help me to understand my eating habits so that I spend less time fretting over food and horrified over uncontrolled cravings. I still really enjoy food now but I am not terrified of food. I love food, and one of the biggest surprises is I do not need to eliminate certain foods from my diet (Cool Ranch Doritos) because I feel in control of my food choices. Best of luck on your journey!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story , I really appreciate it! That’s the position I’m in right now is figuring out what to do. I do have metabolic syndrome, so I’m thinking some form of intermittent fasting and like you, figuring out how to manage my food so that I can eat so I’m happy and don’t feel deprived but that I don’t gain back on my weight ! Sounds like you’re doing great! Congratulations!😁

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