Intermittent fasting ~Finally the stall is over !!!

After a solid month of the scale not budging I finally am down to a new low. I am pretty excited. When the scale did not move, but finally started to move for my hubby who was stalled just as long, and had changed nothing he was doing . I decided to see what I could do to change things up and get my weight going down again. He has been losing more weight than me from day one, as is normal for men, and his inch loss has been amazing. He has been the incredible shrinking man. I am thrilled and not the least bit resentful. We started this for both our health, but a huge part was for him to avoid a third spinal surgery which was promised if he did not lose weight. So, every inch he loses, every ounce he loses I am completely thrilled. In the time it took me to lose 22 pounds, he has lost forty. We think his stall was his body adjusting as that is a real thing on keto. You can shrink dramatically while not shedding a single ounce.

I decided to do intermittent fasting. Eating within a 7 hour window every day and fasting from dinner until brunch the next day. First day, down a pound, second day, down a pound and almost a half. Today back up a bit.
I was down to 214.2 July 15. I than spent the next four weeks between that weight and 216, up and down , mostly between 215 and 216 but occasional 214. I lost .7 pounds, so just under a half pound for two weeks after a tiny loss. I guess even though up and down, it was more down than up so I did see a bit of averaged loss when I weighed daily and average the seven days. But last week, for the first time, I was up .3 pounds. So, almost a quarter pound up.

At that point I started the intermittent fasting. I do not have an average for this week yet, only three days in. First day, 212.8, second day, 211.4. WOW. I was thrilled.

You might think since it worked I would be doing it indefinitely. But no. After a lot of research, including peoples experiences not just studies. I learned it can slow down the metabolism if done for long enough, usually a few weeks to a few months. It was advised to do it two to three times a week. So , I decided I would take a day or two off, still eating good, which has not changed, and upping my water to a gallon a day every day. I also have to keep my protein to 60 grams, a gram or two over is find, but I do best on 60 or less a day. Those two strategies will help on their own, but the fasting really seemed to amplify my loss.

Today I was up to 212 and honestly still did my fast yesterday, in fact, unintentionally I went 19 hours before eating yesterday and then stopped my normal time, but today I ate breakfast early, had a very small lunch and then dinner was very late due to some stuff we were taking care of. I am used to a new low followed by going slightly up for a few days or even a week before a few more days of going down. It was the solid month that really threw me for a loop.

Tomorrow I will start back on my intermittent fasting through the end of the week, and then I will take a day or two off again. I will see how this works and go from there. I would rather do four or five days in a row, then a couple of days off, as it is hard to go back and forth.

I will post my weekly average and update on how the week went when my week is up. I am finally feeling like things are going in the right direction again. I could not be more thrilled.


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