Stalled, been stuck at the same weight for two weeks, frustrated but pushing through

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Both my husband and I are on a keto plan and feeling good and have been losing. However for two weeks, both of us are going up and down the same few pounds.

I got down to 214.2 on June 15 and was so excited. I thought that 210 was within sight and then promptly started going up until I hit 218 on June 22 and then started coming right back down and now I am going up and down the same couple of pounds. Not doing anything different , so it is confusing. We are both losing inches and I know with a keto plan that often happens. You can stick at the same weight for a while but see your inches go down. Today I was 215.6 after being 214.8 yesterday.

I figured I would write about it, as many people may be going through the same thing and it often helps to have someone else tell their story so you do not feel like you are the only one.

We are eating very basic. Bacon and eggs for me some mornings ,a keto shake the other mornings. My husband has eggs and sausage every single morning and sometimes on his day off we will have omelets he makes, but that is a couple times a month honestly.

Lunch for me is a simple keto shake and for David a small serving of allowed veggies and a few ounces, maybe four or five at most of a unprocessed protein.

Dinner for both of us most nights is a medium salad of mostly greens and some blue cheese dressing with a few ounces of protein. Steak, pork chop or pork steak, chicken ,salmon, or we buy a certain sausage that has no carbs and is allowed and have that a few times a month. Sometimes we mix up tuna and mayo and eat it with pork rinds and have our salad on the side.

Funny thing is, we were really losing better when we were out of town on a visit, following our plan, but had some keto treats. Our daughter in law made me keto cupcakes with Keto frosting for my birthday and I ate two a day for several days . We also bought some of those slim fast keto fat bombs.. We finished them up over the week or two after we got home , decided to not buy more and be more strict and that is coincidently when we stopped losing.

So, not sure if that could even be remotely related, but I find it very interesting.

We both drink plenty of electrolytes daily, take all our suppliments, and stay on plan. NO cheats at all since we allowed a few in late April based on the low carb addict diet. After a talk with our doctor, who said do not do that again, we have not. for for at least ten weeks, no cheat meals at all. Low carb addict is a low carb plan, but it was too hard to explain it to him, so we just are not doing it again. We have too much weight we need to lose anyway to be playing around with a different plan. We do not count carbs because we do not really eat any carbs. We eat some cheese, and I have my almond or regular milk and occasional plain yogurt in my keto shake, but that is the total of our carbs other than the salad greens and some cruciferous veggies.

So, just checking in. Keto is a weird plan. How can you lose inches when your weight does not budge ? Not uncommon on keto and hopefully the scale will start to move soon. After two weeks we are both ready to see a new low number.

To be honest we go up and down all the time but always to a new low after a few days of a high, that has been what has us confused.

I weigh daily and do my weekly average by adding all seven days and dividing by seven. Last weeks average was 215.9 which is down from the week before of 216.6 which was up from 215.5 the week before ending on June 17. So I am up .4 from that week of 215.5. We are on day two of week 18 on our plan.

I was telling my husband that I am happy it is both of us, if just one of us was going through this while the other was losing it would be much harder.

So, we will do our best to figure it out while we stay the course. I will keep you posted !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!


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