week 15 keto plan

Week 15 of my keto plan

Hard to believe I am on week 15. My weight is coming off very slowly, but it is coming off. I hit a new low today of 214.6 . Not sure the last time was that I was that low. I can see onderland , it is within reach and I am so excited. I have not been below 200 in around 30 years.

I keep tweaking to see what works best. For me, I have to keep my protein down to no more than 60 total grams a day, and I am doing two meals a day most days . I eat brunch around 11 and then dinner when my husband gets home, usually around 6:30 or 7:00 pm. On his three days off, we try to eat dinner a bit earlier.

I do have to watch my protein and that is the hardest part. I find having my keto shake for breakfast and about four ounces of protein with either a large portion of steamed veggies or a large salad works best for me.. I need the veggies to feel good and to lose. I put a handful of kale and some frozen blueberries in my keto shake, along with an unsweetened yougurt with a very high probiotic count . It gets my carbs for the day for both meals and a small fat bomb snack mid day or after dinner at around 40 grams. I was doing a 20 gram but was not losing. When I changed from bacon and eggs to the shake, it makes a huge difference. I think everyone has to figure out what works best for them. I know blueberries are not low carb per se, but trying to lower my cholesterol and that was a food that is supposed to help. I seem to lose great even with adding those in, but that takes my carbs up 12 grams a day, but I keep my total to around 40 or less a day. It seems to work for me. Dinner is a four ounce serving of protein and a huge salad with a small whole avocado , salad greens, onion, and fresh garlic, cucumbers and sometimes tomatoes. I pick a lower carb dressing. If I am not in the mood for salad I steam up a bunch of brocoli put some butter on it.

I just ordered my shake mix and they gave me a code to share, if you use it you save 15 bucks on a 65 dollar order and it gives me 15 dollars in points towards future purchases. Once you buy your first order, sign up with them to get the discount notifications. Since I have ordered before I got a really good one today and reordered two more shake powders and some keto cookies for my husband. He loves snickerdoodles so I could not resist. I got free shipping and a free item as well.

So here is the link if you want to check it out. I am very happy with this protein powder. I buy only the chocolate, so I only know how that one tastes, I have not tried the other flavors and cannot tell you even what they are. I really like the chocolate.


If the link does not work you can cut and paste it to your browser. Anyway, just wanted to touch base. I try to post more often but it just has not happened . I will try to get on here more often. I have a lot I am trying to accomplish each day but I need to add that to my list at least a few days a week.

Another thing I do is keep a food journal. Now we were on vacation from June 4 through June 10th and I did not write down what I ate, but came home with a two pound loss to 218 , and went down to my new low today of the 214.6 . We drove two days each way to visit family and never ate out, brought food to eat on the drive. We did eat out a few times while visiting, but we always got a salad. We wanted to treat dinner one night and they wanted subs from a particular shop so we asked for our sandwiches in a bowl with no bun. They put so much lettuce , and tomato we made them in to a sort of salad, just chopped them up in the bowl, it was great !!!

I also weigh in every day and keep track of my weight, blood sugar and blood pressure and then on a seperate page I average by weighing in each day and adding up each week and averaging by seven days. I had no scale for our trip, so no average that week.

Anyway. Doing great, other than a mild cold I caught while on vacation, it was in the house, could not avoid it I guess, although my husband did !!!

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