Week 12 Keto

This week finished up week 12 of my keto journey. Three months in. I should have lost more this week than I did but I had a bit of a bump this week and I did not do as well as I could of. I am back on track and should see good results going forward. Hope to be able to see some big results by the end of my fourth month. I am shooting high and hoping to get at least 8 pounds off this month.

I went in for my physical and my blood work results were in. My doctor was not happy with my cholesterol which had been done three or so weeks prior to my visit, and not fasting. I had bacon and eggs for breakfast the day I had my blood drawn. He wanted me on blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

I was a bit panicked and I could not figure out why my blood pressure was so high, it usually goes down on a low carb plan. I had no idea what was going on. After thinking about it, I realized it was anxiety. A few things had me a bit anxious and once I realized that could be the issue, I got out my L Theanine and started taking it. My blood pressure immediately dropped to a great range. Normal to just barely over normal.I had always been 120/80 even through four pregancies. so, I get a bit irritated that they are no saying that is high blood pressure. I can however get it below that at least some of the time, or one number below and one number slightly above. So, I had filled my two prescriptions but have not taken them. I changed up my plan a bit and that seemed to also help my blood pressure. I wrote about those things in my last post. I have no intention of taking the meds. I do not see my doctor until the end of Sept and I get my bloodwork done September 1. I will get it down on July 1 and Aug 1 on my own dime at CVS just to be prepared for what might come on September 1. However, losing weight and eating the way I am doing, should really take care of the issues at least enough to satisfy my doctor.

After my bad cholesterol results I had thought about changing my plan, overthinking it all, thinking maybe keto was the wrong choice, it was just panic. Luckily for me my cousin is a nurse practitioner who does keto herself, and she set me straight. She told me to keep doing what I was doing and it would be just fine. So, after a few days of messing with my plan, I am back where I was doing well. This week I still lost, but not as much as I would have if I had just stayed on my plan and not panicked.

So, I did my daily weighing in and I lost 1.9 pounds this week. My weight at two months averaged was 226.9 and today it is averaged at 218.3. Not a ton of loss, but I just lose slowly. That is a total of 8.6 pounds lost for the past month. To break it down.

Week 9 I lost 1.1 pound

week 10 I lost 2.9

Week 11 I lost 2.7

week 12 I lost 1.9

total lost in the past month 8.6 pounds

My goal for month four is 10 to 12 pounds. I would love to see an average of 208 to as low as 206 in the next month.

I also started walking, not every day, but working towards that. I hope to report over the next few weeks that my walk is a daily thing.

However, I did see my weight go down to 217.6 earlier this week , so if I just keep on track, doing what I was doing, the weight will come off faster. I acted stupid because of lab results and made some stupid changes thinking maybe I should add some beans or something. I know beans and oats help with cholesterol. Luckily it was only a few days. I was at 217.6 on the 22nd, so just five days ago. So, I am thinking if I get back to my salads and smoothies every day, I could see that being my high weight for the week within a week or two.

What is especially dumb about my reaction is weight loss will resolve it all. I have metabolic syndrome and losing the weight will reverse it all. So, had I not panicked for a few days, I could be reporting a pound or two more of loss this past week. I am not very happy with how I reacted.

Now some would argue that eating a cup of blueberries a day is not keto. I cannot disagree with that. But, it seems to be helping me both lose weight and keep my blood pressure down and so it is not hurting my weight loss but in fact helping it, so I am going to stay with it. I figure it is not a race, but a lifetime plan that will keep changing as I go. I do not seeing it changing anytime soon. But as we get to goal, we will decide how to move forward . Nothing might change at all, but for now, it will not.

I think we all need to figure out what works for us personally and keeping my protein to around 60 total grams a day makes a huge difference in my weight loss as well as getting a lot more veggies in than the traditional keto protcol allows.I am not eating really low fat, but keeping the fat fairly low. Big giant salad at lunch, and a good amount of steamed veggies with the last of my protein for the day for dinner. I am using a keto shake powder, I am not affiliated with them, but I am very happy with the product. I used it in my featured picture for the post.

My husband is staying on a completely different, more traditional keto protocol and is losing slowly but surely. He is happy with his plan and seeing the weight loss start to get a bit faster. He is definitely losing more inches than the weight loss accounts for.

I keep meaning to post updates more often. I will work harder to do so. I am still on plan and losing. Hope to be able to report being under 200 very soon. Last time I was under 200 was in my late twenties, early thirties, I will be 61 very soon, that is half my life in an obese state. That makes me very sad.

Onward and upwards, or I guess I should say downwards as I want the weight to go down, not up, lol, and I will work harder to at least post once a week. I want to be accountable and that is what the blog is for.

Thanks for stopping by !!!


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