My keto journey, not so smooth

My husband and have done low carb diets so many times in the last almost forty years. We never stuck to it long and that is a regret I have looking back.

In those days there were no computers, no real info other than books. I had Atkins book and I bought a few others that were out in those days. There was no good info, and a lot of negative stuff about low carb.

Today it is a completely different world. Even in the early 2000’s when I had low carb bulleton boards to check in on and a bit more info on the computer, it was still murky. Was low carb safe, or dangerous ? Can I really do this for life ? There were no alternate flours back then, none I had heard of. No good scientific evidence of the safety and effectiveness of a low carb, or Keto diet as it is called now.

So, we tried a plant based diet for the last few years and my blood sugar went up, my cholesterol went way up and my weight went down a bit but I never could really lose past those first around 20 pounds. I did not feel good on that eating plan at all .

My husband and I were frustrated. We fell back into pretty bad eating habits again , although much better than the standard American diet, and then we found a new doctor when ours left his practice. This doctor is awesome and put us on a keto plan which he used to lose 45 pounds and still follows to maintain his weight loss.

Well, we started on March 4 and I had certain expectations from being on a low carb /keto plan in the past . For one the arthritis in my hands always goes away, the stiffness in my joints is gone pretty quickly and I usually feel really great. My blood pressure plumments and my blood sugar goes down pretty quickly.

Not this time around. In fact, I have increasingly felt awful. Kind of like the flu. Bad aches and pains both in my joints and my body just hurts all over. Today is Mothers day, Sunday, and on Friday I could barely walk my hips hurt so bad and I was miserable. I had to hold on to something to get up my knee and hips hurt so bad and were so stiff. My blood pressure is very high and my blood sugar is just not going down it jumps up and down even eating the same things every day . My weight was not going down hardly at all. I have not even lost ten pounds in nine weeks. I was getting discouraged but I know I have to stick with it. My health depends on my losing this weight.

So, I started looking at everything I could find and made some changes. Yesterday I had plans with our two daughters, our youngest daughter took me and her sister out for some pampering and lunch.

I had to run to the store to buy the foods I wanted to start eating so I only had a Keto shake for a quick late breakfast before we left and then we went to lunch around three and I had a piece of salmon, side of broccoli and a side salad with fat free dressing. Another simple Keto shake, both just the powder with almond milk for dinner later in the evening and I actually had a counted out serving of peanuts and stevia dark chocolate chips. Something I have not done the entire time on plan and do not plan to do again any time soon.

You can imagine my shock when I got up at my lowest weight yet. 223.6. My lowest has been 224.4 which I have hit a few times and then went back up. I even weighed in a full hour earlier than usual.

My hip and joint pain are completely gone,and I can stand up and walk easily again, but I still have the all over body aches. My blood sugar this morning was 104 and I will do my blood pressure tonight.

I did walk for 30 minutes yesterday as well.

So, going forward I am changing my protocol completely.

Breakfast today, which will be my ongoing breakfast is

Keto chocolate protein powder

1 cup of blue berries which are proven to help lower blood pressure.

almond milk

1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

a handful of chopped kale,

a cup of plain, unflavored bulgarian yougurt with cultures

plain stevia drops

collagen unflavored powder.

All of these were chosen based on their ability to help with blood pressure and blood sugar and overall health .

Obviously the almond milk is chosen for its low calories and a liquid to mix it all in.

I put it all in my vitamix and added some ice to crush up when it was done.

I plan to have 4 ounces of either chicken or salmon or a small can of tuna in a salad as my meat for lunch and dinner each day. I am way upping my veggies as I have been completely craving salads and veggies. One meal a day will be a big salad with the protein, and the other meal will have a lot of steamed veggies with the same four ounces of protein.

I guess I am doing more of a paleo plan, but I just cannot do the other plan any longer. I will not add any grains, beans or any kind of legumes. No starchy veggies except for sweet potatoes as they are also great for blood pressure and general health. Limited amounts but will add them in.

My husband ,is keeping to his keto but is going to lower what he eats. He is a bad snacker, legal keto foods, but just way too much. He is losing slowly too. He understands that going forward he is has to eat less protein and a bit more fat and he might up his veggies a bit. He was eating way too large of meat portions at his meals and I think that was keeping his weight loss down as well. My total protein for the day will be somewhere between 80 and 90 based on my weight being so high, but I will lower that as I lose the weight.

So, I am hoping the body aches will go away soon. Worst case the dairy is the issue and the yougurt might have to go. I will not try that for at least a week, if the body aches just do not go away.

Going forward I am also drinking a cup of hibiscus tea three times a day for the blood pressure issues and walking at least a half hour a day. Drinking a lot of water and taking my supplements. My doctor suggested some supplements for the arthritis I do have and then I take a lot of them already.

So, that is what I am doing going forward. I am three days into my next weeks average and hoping to see a good loss with these changes.

I am going to probably have to take a low dose of blood pressure meds until I lose enough weight for it to come down. I have doctor diagnosed metabolic syndrome (endocrinologist) and weight loss will make all my issues go away according to him, so it is imperative I get this weight off. Mine is high enough the doctor is concerned. He is not one for giving drugs if not necessary but my blood pressure has him very concerned and actually I am concerned as well. We had been using a wrist cuff for blood pressure and I found out it is off by quite a bit. We purchased an upper arm cuff and my readings are way higher now. I think the cuff said level two, but it is in the 150’s over the 80s and even 90’s. I cannot play around with this any longer.

So, that is my update. I will keep an ongoing record here of what is going on. I have my actual physical on the 19th and will post here what comes of that.

Thank you for stopping by !!!


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