Ending my first two months on keto

It has been two months since my husband and I started our keto plan. I have not lost much weight but have lost some inches and my husband, being a guy, is losing both inches and pounds a bit faster . I have no problem with that as he had major spinal surgery and was told to lose the weight to avoid a third spinal surgery.

Went to the doctor yesterday. Once I get the rest of my results I will share them here. So far, not great but I am still pretty overweight and the belly fat is what is causing so much of my health related issues. Metabolic syndrome causes belly fat that releases hormones unlike any other fat we carry. It causes so many health issues and it is time for me to get this weight off.

We did have a couple of cheat events this month. Stupid, just stupid. Our doctor read me the riot act and told me in NO uncertain terms to either stick to the diet or do another plan. He stressed that the diet is perfectly safe if you are not eating carbs, but if you are eating all that saturated fat and cholesterol and then eat sugar and carbs, it can hurt you. I assured him we had already decided that it would not happen again. My body pain from eating wheat again has not been pleasant.

So, I will write a longer post in a few days, with my lab results and my current weight and blood sugar and blood pressure. My doctor said if the blood sugar does not go down in a week or so, he may have to put me on a very low dose of blood pressure meds until I get enough weight off. He is not a big pusher of meds, but I think I do have him a bit concerned. We are just thrilled to have a new doctor that supports and lives the keto lifestyle himself.

So, I will be back soon with all my updates and will work harder at posting much more often !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!


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