Day 37 on Keto and going strong

I just wanted to update as I have not been here for a few days. I am on day 37 and going strong. My new low is 226.2 and I am thrilled with that !! No cheats at all, not even on Easter. We made some mashed cauliflower which was okay, and then some green beans cooked with bacon and bacon fat. We had brisket that our son in law prepared and he eliminated the sugar from his rub recipe to make it better for us. I made a little whipped cream cheese with stevia, mixed with freshly whipped cream with stevia. No recipe, just folded them together and it was not terribly sweet but enough we felt like we had a sweet treat !!! After so long with no sugar, it tasted great !!

My first mini goal has been 225, and I am almost there. After that I will shoot for 199. It sounds like a long goal, but my 225 is from when I was even higher than when I started my low carb plan. I was already down over ten pounds when I started and even more of a drop from my highest weight ever.

So, it is good to be heading downward, even slowly , I will get to my goal in time. I am very pleased to be where I am at. I have lost 7 pounds in five weeks. Does not sound like a lot, but with metabolic syndrome, that is how it goes.

No pictures, I just did not think to photograph the food. But it was just the mashed cauliflower, some brisket with no sauce at all and the green beans. Good, delicious and simple food !!

thanks for stopping by,


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