keto plan, month one results

I just posted my monthly progress on my YouTube channel for this blog. I wanted to put the picture of my notes and

the link to the video here.

here are my notes as promised

I just weigh in every day and add them up at the end of the week, divide by the number of days and get my average for the week. Works best if you do it every single day.
You have to get over the fear of the scale, weighing every day shows you the highs and lows that come with weight loss. If you only weight once a week, you could miss some of those low days that encourage you. Either weigh every day ,or do not weigh at all, once a week is never accurate and even once a month will not show the true story of your weight loss. Your scale is not your enemy at all. You just have to see your own patterns as the weeks go by. It will most likely be up and down, but overall down.

I will post Aprils at the end of the month. I get into why my numbers are low on the video.

I will be doing a video and blog post on what exactly I am eating and more about intermittent fasting, another thing I just started doing yesterday , well, have done a few times over the month, but I am going to do it consistently for a while and see how it goes. If it is just too hard , I may do it a few times a week only, but we will see. It is just a matter of being okay with being really hungry for a few hours in the morning. It is not pleasant, but I would imagine gets easier with time.

Be back tomorrow with my plan , both a blog post and a video.

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