Keto day 29 progress

Hello and happy spring !!! It is wonderful to see the trees leafing out and some flowers starting to show. I am certainly ready for spring as I always am after winter. We live in Texas and got to enjoy that week of snow that we never see. We were blessed to keep our power, but it was a crazy week for sure. So happy to see spring and the new start it gives us !!!

I did not mean to be away this long ,I honestly meant to post daily on this blog. However, life gets busy and I have a beading and resell YouTube channel and sell , mostly jewelry, and a few other things online and that took my attention all month. But I will do my best to post, if not daily, at least a few times a week . I would like to keep more than the written record of my progress. I do track my daily weight in a notebook.

I am on day 29 of keto and doing well. No cheats, no wavering at all. Stict, doing well. We are doing what is called clean keto. Clean Keto is when you do not eat anything but pure foods. Dirty keto is when you eat keto snacks, bars, shakes or make up lots of keto faux foods, trying to recapture foods you love that are not keto.

In the past, we did the dirty keto. I would bake keto treats, we would have a lot foods that mimic regular food but “keto” versions on them. We made the decision to not do that this time, that we would do a very clean and pure keto.

We eat eggs, meats, such as steak, pork steak, hamburgers, turkey burgers, chicken leg quarters with the thigh, boneless pork ribs, bacon, and the only processed meats we eat are the ground meat, and sausages that are a carb or less a serving.We occasionally cook up a pork or beef roast to eat on for a few days. We eat very little sausage because of the carb count, but have wonderful sausage we get at Aldis , It has zero carbs but we still only have it maybe once a week. We keep some breakfast sausage around too as my husband prefers it to bacon, however I am a huge fan of bacon, not so much breakfast sausage.

here is that sausage from Aldis

we love this sausage already and were thrilled to see zero carb on the label.

We do enjoy some omelets with a bit of cheese, usually on Sunday, try to do that only once , sometimes twice in a week,as sometimes it is a last minute dinner, but do not eat cheese daily. on past low carb plans, it was not called keto back then, we ate a lot of cheese, and as I said, I loved to bake keto deserts and so on.

The first day weigh in was the morning of day four. So, I had finished three full days of keto. I was at 233 at that point. Today, day 29, I am at 227.8. I am pretty thrilled. It has been slow. One thing you have to expect on a keto plan, and probably any plan where you are working to lose weight on , weight loss is up and down. I will see a new low, like today, and may go back up a couple of pounds for a few days, maybe see that same number I was at, but usually not, I just go up, until I go down to a new low again. That is why weigh every single day. I find that if I were to weigh in once a week, I would miss those low days and get discouraged. You can also average your weeks as well. Add up all seven days weights, divide by seven and get your weight for each week. I may start that tomorrow as I will have four weeks to average and see what it says. I expected slow weight loss as I have metabolic syndrome. It makes it a bit tougher to lose, very easy to gain, and takes longer to see weight loss, but the only cure for metabolic syndrome and all the issues it causes is weight loss. I am bound and determined to get to my ideal weight and stay there.

That is another thing important to us. We have to keep to this plan for life. Once at goal there are more foods we can eat, and we can eat more veggies than we are now. But we are breaking the bond that sugar and carbs had on us, and we have to be very careful to never go back. At goal, we can eat a bit of the dirty keto foods at that point, but always in moderation. For Easter, I will make our low carb cheese cake and freeze most of it in individual servings for when we have a birthday party to go to, we can bring our single servings of cheese cake and feel we are getting a treat but it is okay as we will be using that days cheese and fat allotment for that treat. Easter will be brisket our son in law is making, mashed cauliflower, green beans cooked with bacon. Maybe a cole slaw or salad . deviled eggs for sure !!! We will enjoy our holiday but probably do some intermitant fasting during the day so we can enjoy that meal. At the very least, only two meals that day.

So, when I do the average, I will show the months breakdown here, or maybe on my new YouTube channel for this blog. Time to be me. I want to start posting there about my keto progress as well.

So, my average day is a couple of eggs and four strips of thick cut bacon for breakfast. Either a couple of chicken leg quarters, or a couple of hamburger patties for lunch, with a slice of American on them, or simply a couple of hard boiled eggs. Sometimes like today, I am not hungry for breakfast, so I make my bacon and eggs for lunch and then have my normal dinner. Dinner is some form of meat that I had mentioned above. Sometimes for lunch or dinner, probably twice a week, we will have tuna mixed with the Primal Kitchen mayo, just enough , not too much mayo, and some pork rinds that are zero carb, so not the barbeque or any of those.We can have the vingar and salt ones however. That is the only snack food we have in the house, but we use them only for the tuna in place of bread.

I will not lie. Walking through the grocery store last night was rough on both of us. Habits die hard and we both saw so many Easter treats we love. But we will not buy or eat any of them. We have a very supportive family and our youngest daughter, who is having us over for Easter, made sure we could eat the brisket they are making for Easter. They are happy we are working hard to lose the weight. They want us around a good long time so they never try to sabotage us, not ever. We have four grown kids, they are all completely supportive.

So, that is where we are right now. Clothes are getting looser but I do not measure at the start and at anytime really, I just hate doing that. So, I go by the scale and how loose my clothes are and they are getting much looser this week. That is very exciting and encouraging. There are certain clothes I have that technically fit me, but I am not comfortable in, as they get loose that will tell me everything I need to know. We are only a month in, the next few months will make a huge difference.

So I will be back soon with another update. Thank you so much for reading.


this is my link tree to find everything I am doing. I plan to add this page to it next.

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