Keto flu is real , learning to eat a new way

I sit here at my desk uploading a video to my vlog channel, the sister to this blog. No phone in the room, just me and a pad of paper, which I am now converting to this blog page.

if you wish to see the video I just posted on my vlog channel Time To Be Me, here is the link

For those of you who knew I was trying hard to eat a plant based or vegan diet, know that I tried very hard but that diet just did not work well for me. I have suspected for over a decade that most grains caused me joint pain because when I go off of them the pain begins to go away and once off of them for a while I am pain free. So, if you do not want to hear about a keto diet, I am letting you know you can cut loose now, because that is where we are at now. I would never want to offend anyone, I still defend anyone wanting to eat a plant based or vegan diet for either health, or ethics. It is an excellent way to eat and live. No arguments from me. But that is just not how I feel my best.

I am seven days into our Keto journey. I have been through a rather intense bout of keto flu. Not something I expected at all. This is the worse case of adapting to a keto diet I have ever dealt with. I have a feeling that our diet of late has contributed to my severe withdrawel from carbs. When eating a very high carb mostly plant based diet, I crave sweets constantly. Carb addict for sure. The good thing about a keto diet or low carb as I have always known it, is I lose all cravings for sweets and my hunger pretty much goes away. On plant based I ate a lot of food, was always hungry and my blood sugar was high.

So, seven days in, I am starting to get some relief. The crushing fatique I was experiencing the last few days is easing up. The horrible flu like body pain is definately a lot better. Ibuprophen does not even help it a bit. I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is not really a new way of eating out of the blue. But after three or so years of eating a very hard carb diet, this is learning to eat a new way, all over again.

My husband sailed through the induction period, which technically is still going for another week. A bit of fatique, constantly hungry the first few days, but no pain or discomfort and now his hunger is starting to go away, and he is having good results with the leg swelling that the doctor was concerned about, maybe related to his spinal surgery and the fact it is way better is a good thing. We both have to watch salt, but he really does. Salt affects his leg a lot.

We both are so relieved to be doing something to help our health, and it was a strange thing to be back on low carb. We actually did well on it in the past , but we kept hearing how dangerous it is, and please do not post that kind of thing in my comments because I will delete it. This is something we are going to do. We were NEVER going to be vegans. Yes we care about the animals, but we just found it way too hard to do. So, after hearing so much negative stuff we gave up on low carb . But now, there is more research about it. I find the entire subject very interesting. The low carb and the plant based both feel they have the right way, and only their way is the right way. I say why can’t they both be right ? No two people are exactly alike, so not everyone responds to food the same way. Everyone is different. For some people, plant based eating is what they thrive on and find their best health on, and for some people a ketogenic diet is what works for them. Lets just support each other on our own journey and not force our journey on someone who is on another journey.

In 2010 my endrocrinologist told me to do Atkins. I tried but that was a frustrating and scary time for me. A new doctor telling me I needed weight loss surgery or I would be dead in ten years, that I needed pills for hypo thyroid, type two diabetes and cholestorel. The endrocrinologist said no I did not , but I had to get the weight off to avoid those issues. Metabolic syndrome was his diagnosis. I have kept them at bay, just barely but my time is running out to avoid them completely. I can no longer be stupid about my diet. I will be 61 this year.

I am addicted to sugar and carbs, I will not lose weight eating them, low carb or Keto as it is called now, is what I need to do. My body seems to thrive on it and over time as you lose weight and gain health you up your veggies quite a bit and add in some berries and nuts. The strict part is not forever, just while you lose weight and gain your health back. So no processed foods, hot dogs, sausages, keto bread or any of that stuff. Pure food, that is it. We do allow two things in moderation, pork rinds, and a mayo.. Both allowed on the plan , but we are not eating any oils so that mayo is a rare treat with tuna and pork rinds . It will be every week or two.

I am sure many will disagree with me. But lets see what happens. I will get in for blood work as soon as I can, which will probably take a month as I have to start with a new doctor as ours left his practice. It takes over a month to get in to this new doctor.

Once I get my blood work back, I will have already scheduled an appt to have it all checked again in three months. I will gladly pay for that. I will do it every three to six months depending on how the results go. If they go as I suspect they will, it will be a three month and then six month and then yearly.

We are being so strict. In the past we fell victim to all the great low carb products out there. Shakes, bars, recipes to make so many things that are low carb versions of our old favorites. That does not help you lose your cravings for sweets. I would blow through my Atkins bars, NO self control, sugar gets a hold on me, even if it is fake sugar and I just eat what is around , I have to limit it. We do better just eating meat, eggs, cheese and the allowed veggies. We have to let go of our old favorites to stay on track.

So, Day seven is ending. I will post here in a couple of days how I am doing. Please share your journey with me in the comments. I am happy to talk about any plan, just please be respectful because I will never disrespect anyone else in their eating plan .

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3 thoughts on “Keto flu is real , learning to eat a new way

  1. A decade ago, I did the brown rice and steamed vegetables to see what was triggering my migraines. I ended up with a full week of migraines. I reintroduced foods was able to figure out what was causing my migraines. I could be totally vegan, however, my family revolts. I am glad to see you working on your health. Everyone needs to use the meal plan that works for them.

    1. I really wanted to plant-based diet to work for me but never felt good on it and I have to admit I feel so much better on this plan but I do like to eat a lot of vegetables and minimalize the animal proteins. I feel better on lots of salad and steamed vegetables with is small amounts of fish or chicken. I occasionally have some beef too.
      I completely agree with you that we have to figure out what’s best for us because no to peoples bodies react to food the same way.

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