Another day under my belt

I ate good again today but the gall bladder is still not feeling completely better. I am going to get in and see the doctor as soon as I can,


four brown rice cakes with tomato , lightly brushed with olive oil


chickfia broiled chicken sandwich on ww bun with lettuce and tomato


ww spagetting and classico roaster tomato and garlic sauce and


measured serving bowl of Kashi cereal with non fat milk.

227.5  almost two hours earlier than I usually weigh in and bs was 94, so that was great results !!!

Day two of getting healthy

I am on day two and feeling so much better, what a relief !!! I still have some small gall bladder attacks and some of the pressure in my chest, but it is so much better today. I know I made the right choice to change diets.

Breakfast today,

four brown rice cakes very lightly brushed with olive oil and broiled and then a thick slice of beef stake tomato on top of each one.


a bowl of home cooked red beans with some mild rotele in them


bowl of lentil and brown rice casserole and it was very good.

snack. was supposed to be dinner, but was too early and not enough

a half a bell pepper stuffed with zuchini and garlic and    mixed with tomato paste and some mrs dash table blend and sea salt. I put about a half a teaspoon of regular sour cream for a taste of flavor , two tablespoons were five grams of fat so I figured that little would not add hardly any fat to the dish.


I was sooooo hungry,

I made up some whole wheat pasta and then mixed some cut up whole canned tomatoes and some fresh pressed garlic and a very small amount of extra virgin olive oil.

I got in over two liters of water and a couple of liters of crystle light, walmart brand .

Weight was still 229 same as yesterday and blood sugar was down to 98, I was thrilled. I will have to see if the whole wheat pasta derailed me though. I may not be able to repeat that for a while. 

time to get healthy

I have been away a very long time and have had a lot of health issues to deal with but I am working hard to do that. I want to use this blog to keep track of my food and what I eat each day.

Today I started my vegan type diet. Fat free, meat and dairy and egg free for at least a bit. I need to figure out what is causing my severe gall bladder discomfort so I have to start from scratch. Once I am on plan for a week or two, I will add in a food or category and see how I do. Say, fat free dairy or very lean protiens, that kind of thing.

Today, I ate a  aprox 4 ounce piece of chicken breast  that was boneless and skinless with some tomato chopped up in it and some garlic pressed in it, and it was good, but after eating that, I decided to go all the way and eat vegan style. I am not a vegan, I am just going to start out eating that style .

Lunch was a salad with chick peas and red and green leaf and romain lettuce, tomato and fresh pressed garlic and cucumber. I used extra virgin olive oil and raw unflitered apple cider vinegar with ancient organic sea salt on it as a dressing.

dinner was a big bust, ick. lol

I made a stuffed pepper but forgot to put tomato sauce in and on the top so I had crunchy rice , ahhh, awful. I had chopped up bell pepper and zuchini and pressed garlic, not a good meal at all.  am going to have a bowl of home cooked beans as I am starving. Not used to so little calories in a day.