Friday March 13, 2009 Food for the day


Oatmeal with raisins and some simply fruit jelly in it for sweetner and some low fat milk.


Small piece of  boneless /skinless chicken breast with a bowl of home made pinto beans, nothing added to them, I threw in some chopped fresh tomato and a slice of chopped onion and some taco sauce and two teaaspoons of flax seed meal.


Very small portion of chicken, maybe two ounces, with a plate of steamed mixed veggies, baby carrots, onions, green beans, squash and peppers. One tablespoon fresh grated parm cheese and two teaspons flax seed meal. Took all my vitamins after I ate.   After dinner I had a small red apple.

snacks tonight, I will allow myself a banana and an orange over the course of the evening. I finished dinner by six and I am up until after one am, so I will need to eat something over the evening.

lots of water and some regular ice tea which I replaced with some fresh brewed green tea for my ice tea, decaff only.


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