Todays frustrations !!

Wow, it is getting so challenging for me on this eating plan. I am basicly on four diets.

One to lower cholestoerol,

one to help my gall bladder and prevent further stones,

one to reverse my high gluclose and prevent diabetes,

and the most challenging one of all,

one for roseacea.

I am ready to pull my hair out with the rosecea diet. Just when I think I done eliminating another food causes a flush and tingling and I have to eliminate it. I am really frustrated.

So far,

I cannot eat,

sugar, that one is obvious, artifical sweetners, except some stevia as it is natural,

no tea, or diet soda,

no fats for the gall bladder,

no citrus, tomatoes onions , garlic shallets, they make me flush, no avacado as it is on the list of possibles and I am not taking chances.

I cannot eat anything with vinegar so NO salad dressings at all and no mayo, even diet so nothing but olive oil on my salad not even garlic and onions and shallets to help it,

also, no pepper or spicy stuff, so just salt or some herbs, but nothing that gives any zip or zest to the food or it flushes my face.

Only salmon, no canned  tuna and no beef and fowl once a week, only lean.

One one diet I can have grains, on others limited grains, but since I cannot have yeast as it is a possible problem for the rosacea, no breads and nothing with yeast extract which is in most store bought broths and stocks. Along with spices and peppers and onions I can not have.

I cannot eat peas or broad beans, like limas, and I am still not sure about beans and legumes as one diet for the gall bladder said no, I cannot eat them, and another said nothing about it but briefly mentioned them in the can eat category, so I do not know ?? It may be a YMMV tpye thing. ]

So, I am not sure what to do. I cannot think about salads with only olive oil on them, ick. No garlic or onions to help with that, and no pepper. I am at my wits end about this mess. I just want to get healthy, but my gosh, how much food do I have to eliminate.

Of course, chocoloate and anything spicy and anything processed and

To make it easier,

I can have,

lettuce any kind, cucumbers, mild radishes , carrots, zuchini , green beans, potatos, sweet potatos, but not canned only fresh. I cannot have cabbaage or cauliflower but can have broccoli, and green onions seem okay too. I am afraid to try leeks. They may be too strong. I am not sure about bell peppers either, they may be sweet enough.

I can have fruits except for citrus, bananas, figs and red plums. So that leaves a lot of fruit so that is good.
I can have nuts and seeds so that helps a lot too.

The only thing I can drink is water. This coming from someone who for YEARS drank two liters of diet dr pepper and then went to ice tea with artifical sweetner and then stevia, water, that is it. Everything else is not allowed on one list or another. I can drink a bit of juice but with my trying to lower my sugar, I really can’t, and no citrus juices are allowed, they are off limits .

I am not giving up, or throwing in the towel, but I am a bit discouraged right now. I just want to get healthy and it is going to be much harder than I thought.

I will make it through and eventually my palate will expand again a bit. It will never ever be the way it was, that got me in this mess, but I will be able to add some things back in once in a while in time.

For today though, I am a bit frustrated and disapointed, garlic and shallots were the last two suspects eliminated becasue they caused some flushing in my face. I am a bit down about it.

That is what this site is for, to help me vent and work my way through this .

One day at a time. I am down on the scales, 238.5 and that is very exciting, so I just have to keep my goals in sight,  slimmer,  and above all, healthier.

I can do it. I am doing it.

Learning to eat healthy !!

I am learning so much lately about how food affects your body and it is very interesting but at times depressing too !!

You know that some foods are bad for you but figure they are the obvious, sugar, white flour, white rice, those kinds of things. I am learning that for each individual there may be foods that are considered healthy that are not healthy for you.

To regain my health, addressing gallstones, high blood sugar, bordering on diabetes,  and to lower cholesterol , I had found the diets for each health issue and found the common denominatiors and then eliminated all the things that each diet said I could not have. This left me fairly limited but eating a very healthy diet.  Despite this I was still dealing with rosacea which the doctor had given me some cream to take care of. Instead of helping, the cream burned when applied and caused my face to get redder and even break out so I stopped it a few days in and looked up rosacea and found to my huge disapointment a few more foods I could not have.Tomatos, avocados and lemon juice, all of which I was eating every day. This one was tough. I also had to give up cheese and yogurt and sour cream, the later of which I was not eating anyway. Tomatos and avocados however, that hurt. I adore both of those. I already had to give up onion and swtich to scallions for the gall bladder, which is another huge favorate of mine, and then for the rosacea I had to give up peppers. All pepper, even black pepper. I was devestated and a bit mad that these healthy foods are now taken away too. I had to add in plenty of blue berries and black berries and cherries and those were easy to add in. Replacing the oats and cereal and milk I used to eat for breakfast. In 24 hours I could not believe the differance and now, 48 hours after giving up those last few foods, my face is clear for the first time and all that is left is the spider veins in my chin that most likely will have to be removed by a doctor. I cannot believe it. I am using a 70 face sun screen and my face looks amazing !!

I plan to keep my progress recorded here so I can see how far I have come each week. If after only a few days I am looking and doing so much better, I can only imagine how I will look and feel in a few months.

So, it is not an easy journey, but it is one I have to take to have the life I want to have. I need to get healthy. I need to get slim and fit again. I am sad that I wasted so much time being fat and miserable when it was in my power to change it.

Like Dorathy with the magic slippers, she always had the power, and so did I. I just did not bother to find out or to even care. It was too easy to keep eating the foods I love to eat and drinking the stuff I wanted to drink. Health is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of courage and discipline to change your world to accomplish those goals. I am up to the challenge and am chosing health over sickness. Energy over exhaustion and longevity over a short life. I want to live a full and happy life, and I am willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get there.

One day at a time. That is such a wise sentence. That is all you can do. When you try to look ahead at the big picture, it is easy to get overwelmed. But we can all make it through one day, just now, just this minute, this hour and this day. Tomorrow, I will take of tomorrow. I just have to make the right choices today and trust that when tomorrow gets here, I will continue to make the same good choices.  There is no other choice if I want to be healthy.

Just some thoughts

I am not really sure why I have so many categories as most of the time I comment on more than one thing in a post so I probably will post most often in this category, just everyday stuff !!

I am doing well on my diet and eating great. I have dropped nine pounds and that is amazing to me. Today is day 14, so two weeks in today and nine pounds, so that is pretty darn good.
I was a bit discouraged when my scale did not budge for four days in a row, so seeing that two pounds down today was amazing,  but my husbands did not  budge either the same four days either and  he went down a half pound today so that is good news too.

I am on a pretty strict diet with the gallstones and feel this is for life. I do not want to have surgery for so many reasons, number one, I do not want to have the experience of being put under and cut open and an organ removed, that is a big one, and also, the financial aspect of it is huge too. We have to pay 40 percent of the price of the surgery and that is a lot of money.

I have been pain free and on the right track since a couple of days into the new eating plan. It has gotten much easier and I have noticed with the no choice aspect of it, if I care to avoid surgery, I am not tempted at all by the stuff I cannot have. I emptied our pantry of all baking supplies except the whole grain stuff in the fridge and freezer and gave it to our youngest daughter to pass around to whoever could use it. Our other kids are too far away to share with, so it is up to her to take what she wants and give away the rest.  She reported yesterday that her next door neighbor was the enthusiastic recipiant of all my many many many bottles of candies for sugar cookies. I had a lot of them, and I mean, a lot. I am so thrilled they found a new home.

Been to the sleep doctor. He said to pick my wake up time and then my bedtime will set itself so I am doing that. I am a bit tired but that is to be expected the first few days I am doing this.

It seems like all I have been doing is going to medical appointments . We have found a new doctor that does not mess around and keeps an eye on us and makes us get the tests we need and does not take no for an answer. I have had a gall bladder ultrasound and now  have to go to a specialist to discuss the stones they found, and my husband, poor thing, has to have a colonospopy and he is so NOT thrilled and now  have to go back to his office because my cholesterol and glucose were a bit high and get retested and talk to him. One thing we will bump heads on is meds. I want to continue what I am doing to get my numbers where they should be. I will happily come in for a blood test every month if he insists, but I will not go on cholestoerol or diabetes meds as I know it was diet related and I am on such a strict diet, I know that I can get those numbers where they should be within a few months. It will have been three weeks since I had t hem done when I go back in next week and I know they will be lower already, no doubt. My husband feels the same way about the cholesterol meds and since we are on such a strict diet, I honestly do not think it will be a problem, but we will not budge on that. Our numbers are not high enough to warrent it and our diet will bring it way down  and probably has already.

So, right now, dentist and doctor visits take up much of my husbands days off, which is frustrating, but I believe in the next month we will be doing good enough for more infrequent visits. We are sticking to the plan, I have no choice, if I want to avoid both surgery and diabetes and my hubby is along for the ride because I cook, lol, and he is happy with the healthier eating too.

Just an update

I have not been here for a few days but things are going well. I have been on plan nine days today and have not cheated off plan even once !!!

I got my gall bladder scan and I do have stones but if I stay on my low fat diet and eat the foods that are good for my gallbladder and stay away from the ones that are bad, I should not need to have surgery ever.

Fact is, once I get all the weight off, I will not be at as high of a risk of  further stones because being overweight causes more cholesterol  in my bile which helps form stones, so that is good.

Also, losing weight will significantly lower my risk of diabetes as well.  It is a long road ahead and I am sure I will have days I get discouraged when I look in the mirror or just down at my big stomach and think , oh, this will take forever !! But at least each day I am one step closer to that goal and before I know it I will start to see a big differance in how I look and feel and the number on the scale.

So, doing great, starting to work in some excercise and still finishing up my second cold in a month. It will be the last one  I have if I have anything to say about it. I am going to take care of myself so these bugs cannot make me sick so easy.

Feeling good today !!

Have not been good about writing lately but wanted to get over here tonight and write something. I have been working hard on my diet and trying to heal my gallbladder thorugh eating right.  The great part is the side effect of that diet is a lot of unexpected energy and I love it.

I got more done today than I have in done in a week lately. It is a great feeling, I wish I could bottle it and sell it, I would make a fortune. Things have been a bit disorganized around here, it is sure nice to walk around and see a pretty clean house. Well, excect fro the living room, it is a storage room for everyone else. My daughter has clothes for my friend Laurie’s neice and the same neice has baby clothes for the same daughters brother in law and wife who are expecting and then there are toys to be swapped too and a play pen and a high chair seat , and then I do not even want to get into all the books in the room. I was at a yard sale and just wanted to know the price of the books, so when I found a few I would know what they cost. I had two in my hand at the time and the lady said, every book I have for 2 bucks. 2 bucks. No way I am leaving those. I brought home two boxes of books for two bucks and found a good amount I wanted and then some for friends and family, most which have to be mailed. I have yarn to also mail to a cousin and the list goes on and on. So the living room is the stuff depo right now. I only use it for my computer really, but I would like it to be a pretty room to sit in and look out the window or read, but for now, storage.  I would like to work on it this week and get all that stuff packed up to mail. Then it is just a matter of getting it to the post office sometime this week and getting it out of the house and then I need to deliever the clothes to each party for the swap. This is the week, I will get it all done and get my living room back !!

So, anyway. Just some ramblings and nonsense but I just try to get in here and write to get in the habit. No one is reading it at this point anyway, so I do not have to worry about boring anyone !!
I am  looking forward to another productive day tomorrow, it sure feels good, to feel good !!

Day one of a better life !!

I have decided that enough is enough and I have to make some changes. My body is letting me know in no uncertain terms that it has had it with me making such bad choices in what I eat and how I live in my body.

My gall bladder is starting to make itself know, I have arthritis that kicks up in my fingers at times and nueropethy in my hands, I know I spelled that one wrong !! I have a family history of diabetes and my path is clear ahead of me.

Either I chose to eat healthy and make good food choices or I will be on meds for diabetes and cholesterol and I will most likely be in the hospital for gall bladder surgery which will be devesting not only to my poor body but our finances as our insurance charges us a 20 percent deductable for surgery, so I do not want to put either my body or our bank account through that mess.

My cholesterol was high at my last check up three years ago, and that is shameful too, three years is way too long.  I was on and off low carb during that time for over four years but have been off for over one. I do not know why I spent so many years trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. It messed up my body and my teeth too as I have never had so much plaque on my teeth as during low carb. I just had them deep cleaned and watch like a hawk and every night when I floss and brush, there is hardly any to clean off, so that low carb was throwing plaque both in my arteries and at my teeth, geez.

So, I finally woke up this week after      spending several days in pain with the gall bladder and decided it was time I make a decision. Do I go down the road of good health and longevity and feeling great and being production and happy or do I go down the road of ill health, shortened life and unhappiness and uselessness, because that is how major a decision it is that I am making today.

I have to give up caffiene, sugar, artifical sweetners, white refined flour and rice, and fatty meats and fried foods and start eating low fat lean meats , fish , and poultry and eat lots of fruits and veggies and healthy whole grain breads and cereals , legumes and brown rice ,  and nuts and seeds and flax meal and lots of water and decaff green tea. It is not all bad.

I love a lot of these foods and I just have to tweak some stuff I love to make it acceptable. I do  have to say good bye to hamburgers and grilled cheese and most Mexican food and any fried food, so good bye favorate Chinese buffet, but it will be worth it to feel good again, to get this weight off finally and to be on the right path to health.

Now, I have said all these things before and then do good for a minute and then go back to my old ways. I am confident that I get it this time and realize exactly how dire things can get if I do not change my ways.

That is why I started this blog, to give myself a place to come everyday and be accountable. I want to keep track of my food choices and my feelings about these changes along with our progress financially.

So, today is day one of changing my life, changing my health and I look forward to a life time of good health ahead of me now. Only I can make it happen.

A fun busy day

Today was a busy day.  Spring has seemed to come to our area but I know that it is fleeting as we are getting cold again in a couple of days, but today, I got a sun burn from working in the yards. It was in the eighties, so weird !!

We planted trees, I say we very loosely, as it is my hubby that digs the hole and puts the tree in and fills it back up with soil and tamps it down, I add the water, and that is about it, but I still tend to say we when I talk about the yard work WE do.

He dug so many holes today, digging up trees that grew where they should not have and then planting two new trees we actually bought instead of moving one of the wild trees to a new place. We are sick of oaks and pecans and hackberry trees. We wanted something fun and differant !!

We bought a flowering, non fruiting pear tree and an Oklahoma Red Bud that has the most beautiful color of pink flower ever.  They make nice additions to our property. We bought the fencing for our veggie  garden that WE are going to put in, and by WE I mean my husband is going to rotto till the ground and then we , mostly he, will rake out the chunks of grass and weeds and put them in our compost and then WE will pick up sand and compost at the nursery and shovel it over the tilled area and retill it. I will sit in the general location and bring him cold drinks and pick up the odd piece of grass or twig , so I will contribute some help, but mostly I will plant the entire garden myself, and that is true. I will lay out the garden once it is in and then we will put down mulch paths, and then I will plant the plants and we will mulch around the plants thickly too. WE are putting in a 20 by 30 foot veggie garden with a beautuil arbor seat my hubby built from scratch with no pattern  at the back of it , he is so amazing , if I dream it, he can build it, no problem. He hates coming up with the ideas, so that is my job and then he helps me fine tune them and then he executes the project from design to build. Pretty amazing and I am very grateful for all he does.

So, we got a lot done today encluding playing with some spray paint to make some cute stuff to set around the garden. We love to pick up cute or  unusual items, like a wooden bird house some one had painted solid yellow and we put pink on the roof and now it is really cute and a strange wire turtle a student made and I bought from the teacher and since it was rusty wire you could not see it in the garden so we painted it a very old fashioned mint kind of green, and a little mesh tea pot candle holder  that we took the candle out of the bottom and spray painted it pink to tuck among the plants, so just fun stuff like that.

Tomorrow I have to paint that arbor and a shed he redid and then what ever else in the yard needs work while he puts up a rain gutter. We are thrilled his two days off are warm and then he goes back to work Wed and it will be fifty and rainy, so great timing !!

It was a nice and productive day !!

Just to catch up !!

With all the craziness the last couple of weeks I have not been as good at writing and that has to stop. I want this blog to be a place to sound out my ideas and figure out what I am doing.

On the financial end, we are doing pretty well. Got a bit of savings but when you still have some debt, you do not really have savings. That said , I am not willing to use the savings to pay down debt as I feel pretty strongly that in this current economy having savings is more important than being debt free. I have to have some money for ”  in case ” even though I feel we will be fine. It will take a while to get that eight months to a year of  emergency money put away, but that is okay. I have one month for now, and that is a pretty good start.

I am looking over any and all ways of saving money on our current expenses so more can go into the savings. We hope to refi down in May, but have to wait until then as we made the choice to actually go up in interest last Aug as the 15 year loan was just too much per month and we made a very difficult decision to go from a 15 year 5 percent loan to a 30 year 6.5  loan. I can hear people saying how stupid that was, and it seems that way when you just read it with no history behind it.

At the time, late last summer, we were really struggling to make ends meet and paying almost 1200 a month on a house we owed 89 grand on was just too much. Texas has very high property taxes and insurance premiums and added to our mortgage payment of principal and interest, it was choking us every month.

We decided even though we would be giving up a great interest rate, that we would refi and when rates came down, do it again to get back to where we were. We did add to our loan balance quite a bit more than we planned, the new escrow account alone added around 3 grand and the fees and costs of the loan added more. We ended up at around 98, which we did not like, but we felt we had no choice.  We took the escrow refund and used it and the two payments we got to skip to get us back on track as we were not late, but paying things as late as we could and be on time, although the mortgage was getting paid late in the month at that point too and it scared us. We also used that extra money to get our cars serviced and two cars running that were not running and that helped a lot too. We had to put a ton of miles on our fairly new car driving it over 100 thousand miles much quicker than we would of because we could not afford to fix my husbands beater truck he drives to work.  He is now driving it again and the new car is just driven around town now.  We fixed our sons car and he is making us payments on the repair as he can.

After we did the refi my husband got the chance to change his shift and now gets more days off working a rotating 12 hour shift and he gets scheduled overtime every single month which upped our income a decent amount and added to the two hundred a month saved on the mortgage has made a world of differance in our monthly budget.  Did we make the right decision, many would say no, how could we add to our mortgage and go up on our interest rate, but having agonized over it since then, we could not have afforded to fix the cars or get back on track without it. We were slowly getting later and later and the time would have come we would have danced on the line of being 30 days late on several things including the mortgage. Now, we pay everything the day it comes in the mail unless it is scheduled to come out a set date, and we have money in the back.  Having taken off the stress, we became more positive about our finances and more money making opporutinites came along for overtime at my husbands work and we were able to pay off 2500 in credit cards, pay for our Christmas cash and end up today with a full month of living expenses in the bank. So, I still feel we made the r ight decsion and we will refi after the eight months is up if we can get it down to five or so again, but this time, 30 years. We plan to keep this house and have no plans to sell it but to rent it out one day when we move to another one  and that also had an inpact on our decision. To rent out a house, you have to have the mortgage be no more than 75 percent of the rent or they count the differance as a bill, now we are only at about 70 over what we could rent it for using that formala, so that is pretty good, before, rent was right at our mortgage payment.  Now, we find out we have to have the house paid down 20 percent as well, so that kind of bit us in the back side as now we have the ratio of payment we need, but owe more and have to pay off more now to get to that 20 percent equity . Our house has gone up a bit in value so that is good.

For now, we will stay here a few years. Get our last child through college and out on his own and then make a decision on where we want to move and what we want to do.  We will just save until we have that 8 months emergency and then pay down the mortgage a bit more and then save to have a nice down payment, that will all take some time.

I think  when it comes to personal finance, it is personal. What makes sense on paper does not always work for someones budget so we all just have to work hard to make the best decisions we can .  We feel we made the right one for us and we  will keep working on our debt, two years we should be completely debt free except for the mortgage and that is a very nice feeling.   By the time our son graduates and moves out on his own, no more bills, we should have our emergency fund done and our house paid down to where it needs to be and be on our way toward the down payment so I am very happy with our future at this point.

We will continue to work hard to cut corners where we can. Reduces wasteful spending as much as possible and do everything we can to bring in some extra money encluding me working on getting a job in the near future.

For the first time in our 27  years married, we are excited about money and looking forward to what we can do next !!!

Trying new things

Finally back after a couple of weeks of dealing with a cold.

After my husband and I talked it over, and me suggesting it, we have decided to challenge ourselves to a month of no eating out. I added up  how much we spent eating out from the start of the year through this past Sunday and it was not  something I enjoyed tallying up. It really freaked me out how much we waste eating out. That is money that could go toward any one of our goals, fixing up the house, a new rotto tiller, the work on my teeth which alone will be pricey for two crowns, and just savings.

Today would have been an eating out day normally as it is my husbands day off. But we ate at home and intend to do that through April 2 and then I hope we can challenge ourselves to another month. If we do decide on one treat at the end of  the month, that is fine but then we will challenge ourselves another month at that point. I have no problem with once a month IF we really want it, we may, or may not, I can’t wait to see how we feel at the end of the month and if it makes us want to eat out again, or eat at home .