Feeling better

One day closer to feeling better.  I can feeel a differance and I am very happy about it. I am looking forward to getting started on my art again and making concrete goals to work toward.

For now I am just making sure I post every day so I get in the habit of writing something every day.

Looking forward to an even better day tomorrow !!

Still not over my cold

Well, still battling  the cold and not feeling my best but I hope to be through the worst of it soon. I hate being sick and having my life on hold for that time. I am ready to hit my goals hard and work on accomplishing them and feel like I am stuck in my tracks right now.

So, not much to talk about today except that I am looking forward to setting my goals and working on them and keeping track of it all here.

Making better money choices each day

One of our mutual goals this year is to get serious about saving and getting our debt paid down and we have done very well on both and have a lot of big goals ahead in the next couple of years.

We have struggled with selling our house or staying in it a while and  have  gone back and forth on that subject but with the economy the way it is, we have decided to stay here a few years, fix it up and continue paying off the few bills we have left and saving as much as we can.  We figure if we do those things, in a couple of years when things are looking up , we will be in a much better situation to make decisions on what to do next.

We want to get back to being more frugal, which is how we lived for many years.  In the past few years we have loosened up our stand on finances and eaten out a lot more then we should and spent a bit more than we should but we are getting back to basics and getting and staying on a budget to accomplish our goals.

We have paid off two credit cards in full and one of them just raised our rate to 31.99 percent even though we never paid late and always paid more then the minimum so we paid it off right in the nick of time before they raised it sky high.  Both Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey have been predicting this will happen to card holders in good standing but it is still a shock when they do it.

Saving is what  we are working on now and just making better decisions to get a bit put away a month. Every dollar counts and we are going to cut out the stuff we spend too much on, which is eating out hands down. Bad habit of ours.

We feel that 2009 is going to be one of our best years ever and that for the first time we will see ourselves meeting financial goals we have not been able to get to in the past.  We are very determined to make these changes so we can meet our future goals, retirement savings, personal savings, the home we truely want,  and financial security.

health goals

Being sick this week makes me really think about how I want to live my life and being healthy is very important to me. I am going to work hard to get to where I want and need to be.
I need to lose about half my weight and that is scary but a fact. I need to watch what I eat as some foods seem to affect me more than others .
I need to start a serious excercise program that is realistic and something I can stick with and build on in time.
I will continue to set goals and record my progress here.

feeling better

Finally feeling better. I started this blog to figure out what I want to do with myself and then got sick and have not done much of anything since then !!
I am excited to be where I am in my life now. It is a fun place to be !! I have so many choices I can make and so many things I am interested in doing and for the first time since 1980 I can start to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my days.
My first priority will always be my husband and the kids, that will never change, but it is time for me to dream again and start to explore who I am beyond mom and wife.
I have the most supportive husband and kids so that helps, but for so long I just concentrated on what I had to do that I gave little thought to what I wanted to do.
Oh, I read books, and wrote poetry and made jewelry and did some drawing and ceramics and crocheting over the years, but never really thought much about how many more years I have ahead as me, compared to as Mommy. I will always want to spend time with our kids and grandkids but as I support them in thier choices in life, I need them to support me as I figure out my choices for the future as well.
I have so many things I want to do, and need to take the time to prioritze these things and figure out what exactly would bring me the joy and fullfillment that motherhood and marriaage has brought me, but in a more individual way, rather than the family.
As a wife and Mom you always have the other people in your mind when you make a decision, and they are as important as you are in those decisions. For the first time in my life however, I can make some decsions that although concern everyone in my life as to how I spend my time, they honestly really affect me the most.
Do I want a job, a career ? Do I want to concentrate more on my art ? If I chose one to concentrate more on than the other, what choices do I have that interest me and so on and so on.
It is very exciting and I wanted a place to write about these ideas and choices and maybe get feedback from friends and family as they find my site and have some comments to make.
Anyway, today I am feeling much more myself and on the road to feeling great and I am very happy about that. I am a terrible patient and do not like being deraiiled when I am trying to accomplish something !!

Gotta get moving soon !!

I am still feeling under the weather, whatever that means, lol. I just do not feel good.
It does not help that I am breathing fumes in from a new loveseat we bought and washed without reading the instructions for the steam cleaner, that we had to print out off the site, and then found out too late that we had used pure soap instead of just a few capfuls in water. The fumes are enough to choke you and I cannot even be in the room with the offensive thing. I suppose we will have to rinse it a few times before we can get all that soap out of it. Very disapointing.
I have so much I need to get done and being sick is just not helping matters much. I have to get my laundry finished up and I need to plan a menu for next week and make a grocery list  from that menu and then go and buy the food on that list . I need to plan my veggie garden and go through my new book on local gardening as I am used to gardening in a differant type of climate and now have to relearn it all. It is going to be below freezing all of a sudden after a few weeks of nice and warm, so for one night, I have to drag all my creeping charlie and wandering jew plants in so they do not die from the freeze and then put them back out tomorrow.
I have to do all this and I have not done really anything. I am just plain tired and have I mentioned, I do not feel very good ??
well, I will just do the best I can and I know I will be feeling better soon. It will not be soon enough for me. I am really sick of being sick this week. It really messes up my schedule !!

Another day

Feeling better but no more productive than the last couple of days.
I went on a drive with my hubby and went to some yard sales and then we went out to eat with friends, but still no diet or excercise plan in place yet. I should be feeling pretty good in a day or two. I can be patient.
I have a journey I want to take, and want to start changing some things in my l ife, but colds are a time to slow down and take it easy and just be. I will be ready to make some changes by the time I am through with this as I have been making the plans and setting things up and to have to wait is hard.
I am just writing today so I get in the habit, even though there was not much at all to say !!

Today I just post. Not much to say !!

Not feeling too good today  due to a cold. I  found myself a bit foggy and out of sorts. I do not get sick often so I am not a good patient.

Want to start dieting, want to get working on my art, really want to be starting an excercise plan, but have not really been doing much but sitting and feeling lousy, lol !!

I want to make a point of writing here every day, even if there is not much to say, like right now ! It is a rather pointless post, but at least it is a post, and that is a good thing, and for me right, the best I can do !!

Today I start !!

This is my first post on my new blog. It is a monumentous occasion !!  A really huge step for me . I have wanted to do this for a long time and I am very exicted to have this place to write and share and talk to my friends and family and anyone else that comes along !!

I am in a new place in my life and trying to get used to a new normal. I spent my entire adult life raising four kids with my husband and now the last one is heading off to college soon and I find I am out of work for the first time in over 28 years , but not my husband, he is still working but I bet he wishes he could retire too !!

I cannot complain, really  , I still  have housework and dishes and laundry of course, so  am not without some  useful work,  but the stuff that kept me so busy and sometimes made me crazy, but always made me happy is done. Raising our precious babies. I thought I looked forward to it, the big day when the last one finished high school and I was done…  and I am happy to be here, but it is a strange place to be, not sure of the terrain yet !!

So, I figured it was time to figure out who I am and what I want to do and what better way but to write about it and see what I dig up over time. I am not sure of much right now in this new life, excpet for the love of my husband and kids and thier families , and my friends, lets not leave those wonderful supportive people out, I am so grateful for them , but it  is time for me to find out who I am again, I finally have the time to be me , and  now I have to figure out who ME is !!